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Tome of the Ancients

Strange books made entirely out of Asterium. Instead of paper pages, the text is engraved into thin metal plates. Extremely rare, only a handfull have been found to-date.   They are written entirely in Nadirian.   To someone with arcane knowledge, the books look and feel like they should be magical. However, they do not identify themselves and Detect Magic does not reveal them as being magical in nature. The prevailing theory is that they have been rendered inert, and need some kind of trigger to re-activate.  


A Tome can connect to nearby ACMs. The user knows one is nearby, because the static text will disappear. The tome will then start to glow green, and the first page will display a small diamond in the center, with annotated circles around it for each ACM in range. A small icon in the lower left corner will show help information.   When a circle is pressed, the tome will connect to that ACM and display its interface on the next page. When connected like this, an additional icon on the second page enables hands-free mode, where the tome will float next to the user at reading height.  
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