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Asterium Computational Matrix (ACM). Can be connected to via Aster Stone or Tome of the Ancients. Emits a soft green glow that get's stronger as the matrix becomes more active.   An ACM consists of Asterium, intricately carved and enchanted to allow for computation using streams of magic. Most ACMs have a large surface area compared to their volume, this to allow stray magic caused by inefficiencies in the computing process to dissipate. Usually the size of the ACM is proportional to the complexity of the computation preformed. However, smaller size can also be an indication of the ACM being of a later make, as improvements in the manufacturing process allowed them to preform the same task in a smaller size.     ACMs were used for a wide variety of purposes. Some have their name or purpose stated on it in Nadirian, others are completely featureless on the outside.  

Audio-Visual Storage ACM

  An ACM of this type can record, store and play back visual information. Asterites can send what their eyes and ears percieve, which will be saved along with some additional data like a title and date. The video can then later be retrieved and played again. Some recordings only have images, or sound, depending on what the user selected.   A Tome of the Ancients can only be used to play back already recorded videos. When connected, it will display a list of available videos, and can play a selected video on one of it's pages.
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