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Don't Forget to Feed Them!

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Wyverns are a large species of pseudodragon. Unlike true dragons (such as Laiosa), wyverns are not able to take esseniform, nor are they capable of speech. Wyverns are still intelligent animals, and should be treated with respect. Wyverns are split into two main subspecies; Divine Wyverns, which live in the Divine Realms far above the surface, and Land Wyverns, which have adapted to live on the surface of Tarin.   Divine wyverns are the main form of transportation in the Divine Realms in the form of Wyvernback Riding. Land wyverns are a common sight as beasts of burden on the surface.

Basic Information


Divine Wyvern

Divine Wyverns are approximately 8 feet long in the trunk, and approach 15 including neck and tail. Typically, a divine wyvern has two sets of curved horns for defense and for threat displays, in addition to a maw filled with razor sharp teeth. The skin of the neck is somewhat loose, allowing the wyvern to puff up when irritated or attempting to intimidate. In place of forelimbs, divine wyverns have large wings, with a typical wingspan of approximately 40 feet.   The wings are modified to still allow for quadrupedal motion when the wyvern is on the ground. Divine wyverns are build to move in a fairly low to the ground position, similar to a crocodilian, with their motion on the ground similar to a bat.   Divine wyverns have the strength to carry up to two passengers while in flight.  

Land Wyvern

Land wyverns are larger than their flighted cousins, with a typical trunk length of approximately 12 feet, and approaching 22 feet including their necks and tails. The horns on these wyverns are much shorter, though the loose skin of the neck is much more apparent. The wings of a land wyvern are smaller and much more vestigial in form, typically not exceeding a 12 foot wingspan. Their wings cannot hold them aloft, leaving land wyverns literally landlocked.   Unlike their cousins, land wyverns stand upright and move in a bipedal stance. Typically, they lean forward with folded wings and stand approximately 6 feet tall. When feeling threatened, they can rear back, open their wings for balance and intimidation, and reach heights of almost 15 feet tall.   Land wyverns are often used as beasts of burden and protection and can carry large amounts of weight without growing overburdened. Land wyverns have been seen carrying 5 adult esseni, provisions, and supplies without any difficulty or reduction in speed.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Wyverns are obligate carnivores. Divine wyverns have been known to attack young Divia (dragons aligned with the element of air) that are also endemic to the Divine Realms.   Land wyverns are largely domesticated and are typically fed any source of large meat that can be found.   Reports of wyvens killing and consuming esseni are largely assumed to be speculation, but it never hurts to be too careful around them.


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