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Wyvernback Riding

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Wyvernback is the preferred method of transportation in the Divine Realms. The idea of soaring above the clouds on the back of a Wyvern is enough for most mortals to dream of becoming a Divine Knight.  


In the Divine Realms, travel between the floating islands the Gods call home is difficult without the right methods. Knights, mortals who gave their souls and service to a God in exchange for a miracle, have the most difficulty. Though they control the same divine magic as their God, be it essentia or one of its two components, using magic to travel from place to place is exhausting. A portal to a different location takes more energy depending on how far away the target is, and given that the four divine continents are half the world away from one another, it seemed prudent to come up with a different method of transportation for the Knights living in the divine realms.   Knights had always been fascinated by the wyverns that flew so effortlessly from tiny floating island to floating island. It wasnt long before particularly brave or foolish knights approached the creatures. Initially, all interactions were extremely antagonistic on the part of the wyvern. The creatures weren't able to fully comprehend the mortals intentions, and attacked in response to attempts to befriend them.   Eventually, a knight was successful, managing to form a bond with one of the wyverns. Word spread of her technique, and soon knights from all across the divine realms were bonding with wyverns.   Now, it is not uncommon to see wyverns and their riders travelling from place to place above the heads of Knights and Gods. Many Gods have even started breeding wyverns to ensure that their forces will always have ample supply.  

Wyvernback Riding Today

It has become commonplace for knights with smaller bodysizes to use their mounts in battle. Larger Knights typically only will use wyverns if completely necessary, and only to travel.   Smaller, more fragile Knights like Mages, Archers and Reapers tend to form tight knit bonds with their Wyverns. Mages and Archers are known to fight from wyvernback, while Reapers are known to ride their beasts into the heart of combat to clear a path before dismounting and attacking.   Not every knight has a bonded wyvern, and those who do are the envy of their fellow Knights.
Rare, Wyverns are only found in the Divine Realms, though Knights have been known to recklessly fly their wyverns to the surface to impress their friends and family.
Wyverns are approximately 8 feet long in the trunk, and approach 15 including neck and tail.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Wyverns are able fly comfortably with up to two Knight passengers. More than two, and the creature begins to have trouble flying.

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