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Karn Mennott

Justicar Historian

A member of the order of the Justicars Karn Mennott gain fame throughout the Flietch-ta Empire for two reasons. First, he had skill with Flindbars never before seen the order. Using one set of bars in each hand, the chains blurred faster than the eye could see. Remarkably, Mennott rarely used his deadly skill to dispense justice. Instead, his common practice was to incapacitate his quarry with the Flindbars and then wait for the guilty party to regain consciousness. Only then, and typically before a crowd, would he execute punishment, typically using a huge quarter axe as one might use to split wood. He wrote, later in life, that it was "Important for the guilty to be aware of their crimes and have time to consider their choices and perhaps make peace with their inner souls."
The second, and perhaps more lasting impact that Mennott had on both the order and the Empire is that late in life, around age thirty, he began to pen the Histories of Justice. In this book he catalogued history of the Justicars, from their founding through his death. Accounts of their early exploits were, necessarily sparse, but he attempted to include important details as he could verify him. Since he began these histories, Justicars nearing the end of their lives have traditionally retired to the Imperial Lodge to document their own lives and thoughts. Those Justicars that perish in the field before completing their entries, are often documented by their peers. The Histories are kept in a room of quiet study deep within the Imperial Lodge and now number more than a hundred volumes.
Biological Sex
Fourteenth Century BC
Resided In

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