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Firstday, Fourthden, Wolf Moon, 748 Years After Crowning

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None of this would have been possible without the players.'s a List of the Thanked.
  Ryan Badger, Carl Bern, Kris Booth, Vincent Catanzaro, Luke Chambers, Rich Chambers - we miss you buddy, Eric Daum, Greg Fitzgerald, Mark Forbes, Carie Freie, Chris Gauvin, Todd Gardner, Tom Gilbert, Jesse Goldberg, PJ Haggerty, Kris Hinett, Mike Hynes, Jameel Kareem, Jeremy Kornbluth, Andrew Laine, Jon Marlborough, Nandu, Douglas Pederson, Eric Polovich, Adrian Roselli, Rebecca Rotundo, Jim Schiffert, Ben Wandke, Jay Wandke, Cheryl Weaver, Andrew Wiss, Jeffrey Venning   I am sure that I have missed someone and if that's the case, my apologies. Email me and I am happy to add to the list.

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Dawn of Darkness

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A Grand Tour of Tarien Beginning in 748 AC

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