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Moving through the wilderness, smooth, silent, dangerous. Stalking his prey, the elf began to whisper, focusing on the manna, the flow of the woodland magic around him. He was the first of his kin to strike, he would have that honor, they were waiting on the blow to fall. He felt his fellows all around him, in position to move in and utterly tear apart the pathetic and evil greenskin war band. He felt the wolf pack flanking to his east, the great grizzly bear Tiamos ready to his west. He felt the snorting of his own ally, as the great moose nuzzled his shoulder encouragingly, before lowering its head, antlers glistening on the morning dew, snorting and tensing ready to charge. Magic crackled all around the fool goblins, they were completely blind to it, unaware of the doom about to befall them. Focusing solely on the war chief, whom was at the center of the band, barking all manner of orders, he smiled as he finished his incantation. The undergrowth and brush suddenly erupted violently, deadly thorns sprouting, the vines and roots thickening and growing, as it bit, lashed and hooked at the shocked and panicking goblin folk. Focusing still, the elf raised his hand, and in a vicious lashing strike, a thick root sporting massive thorn like growths snapped across the hobgoblin's face, tearing the beast's skull asunder. The beast was dead before it hit the ground, panic began to ensue within the goblin camp. Panic that was an invitation. Wolves howled, bears snarled, beasts of all kind called and snorted and raged forward, as the the plants themselves twisted, grasping, grabbing his foes. His strike team came into view with their forests allies, staffs, spears and druidic magic much in evidence. He confidently strode forward, his own halberd at the ready. Today was a good day to cleanse such taint.



This elite section of Depenwood's military numbers 2800 soldiers, mostly elven but with members of most every walk of life and race. They work in groups of 10-20 much like the Storm Lancers, but implying very different tactics.


Their Exemplaris formulae are obvious, as are their magical arts and incantations. Tents, blankets, and other basic survival gear of course.


These elite infantry troops, and they are indeed infantry, generally fight light and silent. They also may be infantry but they are infantry fighting with magic. Geomancy is their main method of combat and main weapon. Beyond this, quarter staffs are mostly preferred, or perhaps other polearms such as long spears or halberds. Wyldemasters like to travel light, and so many carry no other weapons than this.


For the most part they don't use vehicles often, but of course supply wagons, and boats are used as needed. Trains a well.

Skis as well during the winter, cross country skiing, snowshoes as well are common. Winter here lasts 5-6 months, and Depenwood is known for its boreal climate, including deep winter snowfall. Dog teams and dog-sleds are less common here than Suranth, but are still used in moderate numbers.


So once in the field, any given squad answers to the highest ranking person in their team/unit. This is of course that decentralized command structure at work. They do ultimately answer to commanding officers when on base or attached to a full army or force, but they are not bound by orders, for they do not receive or accept specific orders, but more merely a statement of target/objective/duty and an idea of what sort of time frame do they have to get the job done. How they achieve their objective will be handled by them, on the ground, in the situation.

There is a ranking officer of course, and indeed he is the ranking officer for Depenwood's entire military. An oddity indeed for such positions of power in Depenwood's admittedly racial hierarchy, is not an elf. He is a forty year old human, Wylde-Master General Thomas Robert Lethridge.


The Wyldemasters fight in a guerilla, hit and run, fight and fade style, usually avoiding head on engagements until they've worn down their targets. They have the talent to seem as if a force many times their own size. Setting Fake Encampments, Decoy Armies and of course good old fashioned Ambushes these are some of their preferred tactics.


Wyldemasters go through a brutal entry regime, having had to serve at least ten years in the military. If they have, and they pass physical examination, they go through a brutal year long training camp. Swimming through tundra chilled waters, scouting through snowstorms, marching for days upon days with very little sleep and still staying capable and fighting fit; these are some of the simple and lesser hardships and regime demands that hopefuls must go through to become Wyldemasters.

Most Wyldemasters generally train 4-5 times a week for easily 4-6 hours a day, when not on patrol or campaign, but instead stationed on a garrison or base.


Logistical Support

Based on mission parameters of course, or if it is just a general patrol of a region. But they are also a low support force, their very nature and the methods and military philosophy that they use. They are meant to be self sufficient, more so than any other part of Depenwood's military.


Priests, Physicians, Magisters and folk such as these, their skill sets a needed asset depending upon the mission or objective. Besides that however, again for the most part they are trained and schooled to be entirely self sufficient


Oddly, as part of this self sufficient and survivalist training and mantra, the Wyldemasters are not necessarily the highest paid military personal, the lowest amongst them measuring their pay in Coppers, and even the more veteran amongst their number only measure their pay in silvers. It is the training regime however, that is expensive.

To train a new Wyldemaster, and this is just the training, including housing and feeding them, costs 15 Silver Moons a month, and this is not counting their wage as an Initiate, and the training lasts at minimum a year. 13 months. So this is already almost 10 Gold Suns up front, and this does not count any medical care they need from injuries due to training.


Recruitment is done pretty much almost exclusively from elven veterans within the military, seeking those noted for being proficient in their understanding or even utilization of magical means or the arts. Also of course, reports of bravery, courage, but also wisdom, and self sufficiently capable, perhaps those whom have survived and thrived when they ended up separated in hostile territory.
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