SUMMERCAMP 2021 Pledge

Which world am I working on?

Tariek, my massive world, my baby. Specifically the nation of Suranth, now that I've got the basics of a map, some regional names, settlement names and a brief little jot list of ideas for all those things set out, as well as some named groups and people whom need to be brought to life, this is the perfect time to really dig my teeth into a particular region, get it ready for TTRPG, to run my first campaign in my homebrew setting.

Which areas of those Worlds?

It will be one of Suranth's six clan holds (provinces, but dwarven), more specifically one particular county or duchy.

What is the scope of my Summer-Camp plans?

Whichever region I get inspired to chomp my teeth into by those first prompts, my goal is to have the foundational bricks of a strong setting (people to meet, places to visit, groups to interact with, and things to do/happening/have happened) for a TTRPG campaign so I can then begin planning it out and hopefully begin seeking players in the fall, and start running a game before Christmas. (Either a Pathfinder game using my setting, or Warhammer Fantasy operating system using my setting and material. I have the necessary stuff figured out for my own spells and other mechanical fiddly bits for both. Prefer Warhammer though as that is 'rules skeleton' I enjoy operating with the most, though Pathfinder is a close second).

What is my main goal?

To have the foundation bricks of a fun campaign. Some antagonist groups, some protagonist groups, interesting NPC groups, locations to visit, a strange and unique creature or two, a general culture and feel and style for the region. Basically bringing the barebones geography map to life. Lets get some life and energy and motion in this setting!

Who is my support network??

My gaming group of course
My loving and amazing other half.
My two ferrets of insanity, Kaos and Karma (Love de fur babies!!)
And of course the World Anvil Discord community, particularly the Summer-Camp channel, and those whom have decided to jump in as part of the 'Diamond or Death!' squad, as it seems a handful have, which I also have! It will be a crazy challenge, but we can do this!!

How many Prompts do I hope to accomplish?

31 out of 31! Give me Diamond or give me death!!!

Workspace/Project Organization?

Here it is so far, I don't have everything in here cause I'd been super focused on getting the nation laid out and geography shell of names, placements of settlements, etc, over the last...I'll say year. I'm into my world for me, not just for TTRPG games. To that respect I go hard for all my countries, of which this is the first. Suranth, the Tundra Realms, the ancestral homelands of the Viidsheikh (phonetic translation: vʲiədʲɣɛx) though in Valarian they are known as dwarves. Again where specifically I focus within that will be decided by the first batch of prompts, and where they inspire and guide me to sink my teeth into.

As a side note for those wondering, that strange looking name comes from Vulgar, and my attempt to fiddle with it and use cross reference of the english alphabet, but Irish phonetics to create my dwarven language, the first edition of it. I may very well scrap it and try again with more depth and effort, as that was a first attempt just fiddling with that wonderful site. But here is the language page if anyone is remotely curious.

When do I intend to write/work on Summer Camp stuff?

Ideally, every evening after work, perhaps a little bit in the morning, and on weekends a bit before, and a bit after my TTRPG game sessions. hoping to hammer a rhythm of 2-3 hours a day, just really bite into the prompts. I'm being bold, and setting a challenge goal for myself of 600-1000 words per prompt, and if I can manage, an appropriate image, or piece of artwork I can one way or another stitch together for each prompt. But if I start feeling the time crunch, I will happily cast aside those higher end goals I'm setting on myself to hammer out some base articles that I can always return to later, plant the seeds, as it were.

Primer? Statement?

I can give no true primer or statement about Suranth, and what this harsh land is like, that would better sum it up than the very words of the Suranthi people, their national credo, motto, the words that match with their banner and heraldry, the war cry on their lips as they come together in battle against the foul orcs, yeti, and Joten of their cold and harsh homeland. 'Lluib át Vaunna!! Is át Ngém!!! (Translation: Blood and Stone!! Iron and Bone!!)

Prompt Mission Article Type Stage One (Working Title and Blurb) Stage Two (Flushing Out) Stage Three (Edit and Proofread) Stage Four *Optional* (Artwork) Stage Five (Community Sharing and Final Touch up) Stage Six (Submission)
1) Associated with Healing the Sick Building Hospice of Lost Minds FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
2) A Medical Condition feared by some Condition Icewater Plague FINISHED FINISHED SKIPPED, COME BACK TO AFTER CAMP FINISHED SUBMITTED
3) A new medical cure, treatment, or breakthrough Technology Giudarak's Automated Limb Replacement Therapy (GALRT) FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
4) A species of Working Animal Species Orcas (no you did not misread that) FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
5) Ethnicity whoms cultural exports are highly sought after Ethnicity Durinist FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED
6) An extraordinary Writing tool (or type) Item Magne-graph FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
7) An area or Geographic landmark wrapped in superstition or legend Location Primordial Peak FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
8) A myth about a landmark Myth Valleys of Visions FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
9) A myth or fairy tale about a prophecy, oracle, fortune telling or other such Myth Frost Sight FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
10) A festival associated with a celestial body. Tradition Winter Solstice, 1st of Jundar, The Final March Festival FINISHED FINISHED SKIPPED, RETURN TO AFTER CAMP FINISHED SUBMITTED
11) An inhosptiable region or Geographic Landmark Location The Cragswood FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
12) A plant or animal that lives in an inhospitable region Species Sword-tooth Tiger FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
13) An ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region Ethnicity Suranthi FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
14) An old or ancient organization that still casts a shadow Organization Cult of the All Seeing FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
15) A Lost or Ancient Language Language The First Tongue FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
16) An ancient or powerful artifact Item Chill's Fang FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
17)A religious order founded or based in world's history Organization Exemplaris FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
18) A Coming of Age Ceremony Tradition 'Baptizing a Dragon' FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
19) A famous letter or message Document Codice de Magickium versa Educatius FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
20) An under-valued but vital profession. Profession Ghel-men FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED SUBMITTED
21) A building associated with crime or justice Building (Landmark) Orca Bay Alehouse Finished Finished Needs artwork and a map and rooms added etc. Finished Submitted
22) A reknowned criminal, pirate, highwayman etc Character Dr. Olena Grafwood (Heretic and Cult Leader) Finished Finished Needs art and game material (in other words a character sheet) Finished Submitted
23)A unit or squad whom guard an important person Military Unit Blackwell's Wreckers (Wrecker crew of 6, with a dark elf magister as well, bringing their number to seven. Led by Azalanti Blackwell, a Vrock. Two mer are among the crew. Finished Finished Needs art Finished Submitted
24) A settlement known as a pleasure town or for louche behavior Settlement Bow's End FINISHED FINISHED No Artwork yet, intend to FINISHED Submitted
25)A brave hero who hides a secret past Character Fiona Annabelle Symons, Agitator, (secret past.......shes actually the daughter of one of the factory owners trying to squash the idea of Guild recognition. Her father's negligence is why those workers died in that fire. One of the workers was the younger brother of her husband to be, and she saw him as a brother, and is now having true believer behavior, her anger guiding her.) Finished Finished Needs art and character sheet Finished Submitted
26) A romancer, paramour, or other amorous individual Character Fredrick Venirose, (well known information gatherer, someone whom can get words off the lips of any maid, lady, or married woman, character template, one of the premades) Finished Started Needs art Started Submitted
27) A large company, corp, or trade guild Organization Symons Lubricants and Oils Finished Finished Need a company logo Finished Submitted
28) A vital trade resource that supports your settlement Material Whale Oil Finished FInished Finished Finished Submitted
29) An industrial Mining, Logging or other production settlement Settlement Port Tiller (Lumber and Fish) Finished Finished Art other than map? Finished Submitted
30) A title which cannot be bought, only earned Rank/Title 'Dshaeli Fibh' (Captain in the Iron Dragons) FINISHED FINISHED Art? FINISHED Submitted
31)A bloody revolution or Coup Military Conflict Geata Rail Riots Conflict-Foundry Platform Bombing Finished Finished Needs art Finished Submitted


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