"There are only three things that any visitor needs to know about the Suranthi. The first is simple. They are tougher than you. Do not doubt this, do not hesitate with the concept. They are tougher than you. Because where they live, and thrive? They have to be. The second is also quite simple. They've long memories. Do not slight them for they will hold a grudge, and grudges always eventually get repaid. The third? The two statements above are true of everyone living in this harsh land, not just the dwarves whom forged this nation, carving out it of the ice, stone and snow. Man or Halfing, Elf or Vrock, hell even Gnomes, the rare one you may meet, it doesn't matter. They are all like this, they've all culturally inherited these traits and behaviors. You may as well just call them weird shaped and sized dwarves. Actually on second thought, that's rule four. Don't do that. You will very likely get punched out, or if unlucky, something far worse."


  • Nation-State of Suranth
    The first of the Nine Nation States, the frigid tundra of Suranth to the north.