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WorldEmber 2023 Homework ~ Priscilla's Potent Pastries

Week 1: Choose Your Area of Focus

Area of Focus: Priscilla's Potent Pastries: history, recipes, related NPCs, overheard information, beasties, flora   Priscilla's Potent Pastries is a bakery in La Chiave a Croce. Loneli is a stoic aasimar cleric who found that she was able to imbue various spells into her pastries. Ariza is a bubbly tiefling bard who hypes up everyone who comes into the shop. The namesake, Priscilla, is a cat who lives in the bakery.    I've chosen this area because there are many stories to tell with this trio. I'm not sure if they'll be the heroines of an Epic Fantasy, a Cozy Mystery in a Fantasy Setting, or something else entirely. I'm hoping that by exploring their experiences in the past and present, I can find the threads of a compelling story.   Pledge: This year, I pledge to write 10,000 words related to Priscilla's Potent Pastries, its hostesses (Ariza & Loneli), and its furry mascot (Priscilla).  

Week 2: Prepare your Area of Focus

Mini Meta information is included below. The category structure and some inspirational resources are found in the sidebar.  

Mini Meta

For this challenge, the people are more important than the location. As such, this meta focuses on the trio. Key Locations have been included for easy access references.   People: Loneli, Ariza, Priscilla   Key Locations: Priscilla's Potent Pastries (the bakery), La Chiave a Croce (the bakery where the shop is located), The Claw Continent (a region they've explored a lot), Fae World (a region they explored a little bit), Demon World (where Ariza grew up).   Themes: In the greater world, my recurring themes are: weaving stories, life & death, and technology versus magic. This month, I'd like to focus on the powers of sharing a meal and cooking for those you love. The following paragraphs discuss these themes as they will appear in my WorldEmber articles.   Weaving Stories: The individual and group journeys have a questionable element related to fate. How did they come together? Why now? What are the stories they tell themselves versus the stories they share with the world? As for information sharing in their shop, how true are the rumors shared and what are the unspoken secrets?   Life & Death: This topic can be covered in Ariza's backstory and some of the adventures the trio experienced before settling into the bakery. Additionally, rumors in town could have dire consequences if handled recklessly.   Technology versus Magic: The scope for this challenge focuses heavily on the beauty found in natural and healing magic. Technology won't be covered much during this month's articles. However, these articles can be used in the future to draw on that contrast.   WorldEmber-specific themes: Healing at the dinner table, Cooking as a Gift and Act of Service, Honoring Your Hunger (or lack thereof), Honoring Others' Hunger (or lack thereof), Taking Moments to Enjoy the Present   Mood: cozy, fantasy, epic   Goals: Iron out some of the adventures and experiences of the bakery's trio.  

Week 3: Welcome your Readers!

Welp, I didn't change it as much as I would have liked, but here's a link to Tarantellia's Homepage!
  In Editing My Homepage, I've changed my challenge blurb to focus on WorldEmber (finally deleting the bit about Summer Camp) and added some articles to the middle column that might interest current and future readers.   A blurb that I didn't use, but could use somewhere else:
"Follow along with My WorldEmber Challenge! This year, I'm going to write 10,000 words that explore a cozy corner of my noble-neutral/noble-grey world."  

Week 4: Last Minute Prep!

Writing Exercises to Warm Up - Exercise from On Writing by Stephen King   Support Group: my partner, my mom, and my grandma To tidy up my writing space, I've moved a bunch of stuff to storage. Fewer distractions to help me focus.   My life's schedule is sporadic this year. I'd like to spend the mornings writing and the evenings editing; however, I'm probably just going to write whenever I find time.   Writing Space Prep: Favorite Tea: Peppermint Tea, Favorite Snacks: Peanut Butter Pretzels, York Patties, Favorite Playlists: WorldAnvil Community Playlist, Classical Music Spotify Playlist, Cozy Socks & Sweaters: Acquired, Lined Notepads, Pens: Energel, BiC, pencils. My Break Before WorldEmber: Time with my partner. Six years pass so fast.
Actionable Goals
Write 3 New Recipe Articles with Pictures
Write an Article for each of Loneli, Ariza, & Priscilla's Homelands
Write about 2 Diminutive Animals
Write about 2 Small Animals
Write about 2 Medium Animals
Write about 1 Large Animal
Write about 1 Huge Animal
Write about 5 Herbs used in Ariza's Teas
Write about 3 Ingredients used in Teas and Pastries at the Bakery    
Other Article Topics for the Trio that Sound Inspiring
The Meeting of Loneli, Ariza, & Priscilla
Their Last Adventure
How Priscilla's Came to Be
City Rumors shared over Tea & Pastries
Regular Customers at the Bakery

Category Structure

WorldEmber's Staging Area
Prose & Seeds
Story Arcs

Pending Release  


Movies & TV Shows to (re)Watch:
  • Great British Baking Show
  • Nadiya's Cooking Show on Netflix
  • Chef
  • The Chef Show
  • Any Studio Ghibli Movies
  • The Holiday
  Books to Read:
  • Just a French Guy Cooking
  • Kim Joy's Cookbook
  • Basically Any Cookbook
  Recipes to Review:
  • Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake
  • Eggnog Cookies
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Lime Sugar Cookies
  YouTube Channels to Watch:
  • Babish's Culinary Universe, Binging with Babish
  • Alex (Just a French Guy Cooking)
  • Maangchi
  • Rosanna Pansino

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