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Golden Teacups

Self Sweetening Teacups

Would you like a spot of tea? I have just the thing! These teacups were enchanted with sugary goodness. You may need to zhuzh your cup with milk, but the sugar levels with be just right.
A shelf of teacups and saucers line the top of Bellie Spindle's Cabinet of Curiosities. 


Golden Teacups range in color from pale yellow to dark tan. Their patterns resemble the texture of raw sugar.

No Sugar Needed

Tea drank from the Golden Teacups are enchanted to keep tea tasting perfectly sweet.


It's unclear where these cups originated. While they are uncommon items, they are not overly rare.
Item type
Cup: 13 oz, Saucer: 12 oz
Cup: 4" x 2.75", Saucer: 6.75" diameter
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Cover image: by Lauren Nelson (Lnphysics)


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