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Cast Iron Pan

Perfect tool for Breakfast and Battle! Just remember your oven mitt.

Oh, this pan has helped me on more than one occassion. Who knew cooking could be so dangerous?


Cast iron pans have a black grainy texture. They can range in size from 4" diameter body with a 3" handle to 20" diameter body with a 10" handle. Custom cast iron pans can be purchased outside of that size range but the price is hefty. 

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Some cast iron pans have been enchanted. Once a chef has attuned with their pan, they always know when their food is ready. Some claim this knowledge comes to them like a flash in the pan with a rush of adrenaline to attend to their food. Others claim they can see an aura around their pan. It changes in color and intensity as their food cooks. 

When in Doubt, Pinky Out

When cooking on an adventure, there's always a risk of running into your meal at inopportune moments. For example, when you're cooking breakfast for your sleeping party. What's a chef to do? Well, worry not. Cast iron pans can double as a weapon. Simply use an mitt with a grippy side. For extra security, use both hands! Just be sure to wear fitted and grippy mitts.
Item type
Weapon, Other
3.2 lbs
8" diameter body with a 6" handle
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