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Bellie Spindle's Map Collection

Swift Maps

Rolls of parchment with various sizes sit beside Bellie Spindle's Cabinet of Curiosities. The maps, new and old, have been collected from the adventures of Phelan Ragewind, Jhen Whispershadow, and her own.

There is a container with several maps. While I don't travel nearly as much as I'd like, these maps offer the ability to quicken travel. One encourages you to find the fastest route, one provides luck on your journey for easy travel days, and other helps you move quickly. However, these maps will only assist one person at a time. Good luck if your paths don't line up.


Bellie began her collection when her ex-husband, Phelan Ragewind, disappeared. During his time away, Bellie began obsessively collecting maps and paraphernalia, anything to find her husband.

The maps in her care have seen extensive travels. Some of the maps have newer markings as the continent changed. The oldest map in her collection is from before the Magic Implosion.
Item type
Unique Artifact
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