3790 Galactic Era

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An Ancient Galaxy

The history of this galaxy telles stories of success, failure, war, domination, and cooperation. Empires rise and fall, some survive for centuries, but all but one have fallen. One empire, The Mildoran Companions have managed to survive the ages, they have been in Tanari longer than any others, and will be there long after the Contenders have fallen. War, destruction, diplomacy. All of this can be found in Tanari, but there is more to this world than just history.

Tanari has 8 Followers

The Galactic Contention

  Tanari is currently locked in a state of contention for domination of the galaxy. The three contenders are constantly vying for power and control, they have done this through war and violence before but now is an age of tenuous peace. None of them are officially in war, but there are rumors of border skirmishes, and full on galactic battle with thousands dead. Three empires fight in the struggle  

The Church of The Chronicler

Worship and follow an ancient AI named The Chronicler, they seek to discover knowledge of the galaxy and are willing to fight any of the other contenders to obtain it.  

The Seven Tribes of Humanity

  They are the newest of the contenders, they are not natives of Tanari. They arrived from another galaxy for seemingly forgotten reasons. They're members all follow into seven different tribes. They seek to make a home in Tanari by any means. They sought peace when they first came but were dragged into the Contention Feuds against their will and have been forced against the other empires.