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Great Beyond

Very few people have dared go into the Great Beyond, and very few come back; only those who are foolish and mad go into it. It is only dumb luck for anyone to find something out there, and the chances of that are thin enough already. - Old Sailor

Uncharted Waters

  The Great Beyond is what the people call the uncharted waters that surround the Continent of Embera, as there is no documentation of what might be out there. To everyone on the continent, it is just that and, say, any of the islands that might be near it. Revolving around the idea that there is nothing else out there to say for a sea that has no end or a vailed boundary that leads into the Endless Abyss, should you go too far into it. For someone to try and find out is considered hopeless as there is no place to find refuge and resupply as no land is found here, making it a death sentence to all who attempt it. Those who have tried are never seen again, and those who do often state that they find nothing out there but water and slowly go mad as they are trapped on a ship with nowhere to go. Repeatedly claiming that when night comes, they claim that the sea will become as black as the abyss and often attempt to swallow them whole should no light shine around them.   It is often challenging to chart a way back to Embera once a ship goes too far into the beyond as there are no landmarks to chart a way back, say for navigation equipment or star charts being the only means. But these may not be enough should a sea current knock them off course or end up in a storm that could damage their ship, all the more dangerous to try and attempt the journey. Not even birds can be found out there to find any signs of land to find a way back. It doesn't help that no one who makes it back tries to document their journeys, often considering it pointless as they only find water surrounding them. It doesn't help that mutinies are common during voyages as fear or starvation gets to the crews after weeks of travel, and they wish to return home before it is too late. Leaving it up to people only to imagine what is out there, either being nothing or a place no one has managed to reach far enough yet.

Some Progress

I'm telling if a place like Theron can be found in the beyond, then that means there has to be more out there; we have to be willing to look - Young Adventurer
  With the discovery of the Theron Isles, a new surge of interest has captivated the young minds of Embera into believing that there is some more out in the beyond. Many seek their fortune in this new land, hoping for a new life away from the continent's troubles. At the same time, some have begun to use it as a means of finding new lands beyond the isles as a staging ground to stage further exploration beyond it. Yet some still argue that the discovery of this new land is just a fluke and nothing else is out there with only time telling if that is the truth or a myth waiting to be dismissed.


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