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Dreamer's Grief

We all want to sleep well now and again, especially if it leads us to the Dreaming, but we all want to wake up eventually to live in the real world. - Horatchio the Dreamer

Unwilling Imprisonment

  In the restful slumber, all people eventually come to The Dreaming one way or another to be enchanted by the wonder and possibilities it offers. It is meant to be a place of comfort and peace to escape the troubles of the waking world. But like all things, the dream eventually ends once they are awakened. However, not all can wake up from their sleep and can end up being trapped there with their body left behind in the waking world. This can be done in two ways, one being the Wanderer's Folly, often happening when one goes too deep into the Dreaming and becomes lost. The other is not so pleasant, being the Dreamer's Grief as a result of when Nightmares manage to trap a dreamer into one of their traps often tormenting them with their fears and traumatic events, trapping them as they are unable to wake.   It is here that they are imprisoned for a time as these nightmares begin to consume those that they capture as they fall deeper into the clutches of The Gloom. Often being placed in their darkness until they eventually fall into the affliction known as Gloomification in the waking world where they will ultimately be sent back to become a Gloomspawn. It is often never easy for one to escape when trapped by a nightmare, and they will usually have a Dream Seeker to aid in their escape and be brought back into their body. But that is often a challenging task as they must first find them to free them as they will be hidden away where no one will find them to ensure they fall into their darkest disappear.

A Living Death

No matter how hard anyone tries, the boy will not wake up; we better call Dream Seeker immediately. - Worried Villager
  Unlike Wanderer's Folly, those trapped by grief will never look as peaceful as their torment is seen physically all around them. They cannot stop moving in their sleep, sweat profusely, and often shout, scream, and moan as their consciousness tries its hardest to return to their body. No one can wake them in the Waking World, no matter how hard they try to do so as they look on in horror. as the dreamer's state is in. Only a Dream Seeker can free them from this suffering as they travel through the Dreaming to find them.

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