Tales of justice Double Take

Double Take

Cultural event


Martin Prinz and his daughter Amy Prinz and his daughter have recently arrived.   Don Blake is recovering from his "four car pileup", receiving continuing care from Dr. Gironde and Dr. Reynolds.   Rissa thinks "electronic coconuts" is a code phrase for something else. Probably something raunchy.   The school is going to the "Harvest" street festival in Metropolis' Chinatown.   Somebody attacks the crowd with grenades, while a city councilman's children vanish!

This conflict appears to be Councilman Mario Yung Chi vs Intergang. "Intergang" has sapper guns.

GM: It's a gangbang!
Thunderstrike: Awesome!!
Thunderstrike: I got them exactly where I want them!
— The enemies are all around TS, punching; Wyldfire Adventures: Double Take; Friday, October 14th, 2011

To make a long story short, Wyldfire wrecked Intergang's stuff in trademark Wyldfire fashion: first it was in pieces, and then it was on fire.

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