Tales of justice The Fixer Upper Job

The Fixer Upper Job

Life, Crime


Wyldfire sends some men undercover to help a metahuman lawyer root out dangerous secrets in a small mining town.

Just some paint ... a few throw pillows ... and haunted airbase?


Greetings True Believers!


Just another warm, spring day along the eastern seaboard. There we find some of our favorite Counter-espionage team Wyldfire out for a drive!


It seems a bit out of their way … south of Blüdhaven would be a bit of a drive for a vacation. The only thing out here is the old, abandoned Richboro Nike Base outside the little town of Bench Creek.


Jinkies! Could this have anything to do with the construction work there by Cavanugh Construction?


There’s been odd reports of strange lights and sounds from the old base. Ghost pilots on the airfield. Silent, but glowing aircraft seen only in the dead of night near the base’s airfield.


Zoinks! It could be our heroes are running headlong into yet another mystery!


So huddle up gang and grab your Scooby Snacks, True Believers! This looks like a good one!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!




Guest Starring


A not-so-sleepy town of Bench Creek!


Greetings True Believers!


Welcome back! Can you believe it True Believers? The intrigue! The mystery! And that their Marriott has a complimentary breakfast!


Bench Creek certainly isn’t just another sleepy little town.


Reports of ghosts at the old airbase? Mysterious deaths back in 1950? And also sabotage of a delivery truck? And then there is the mysterious report Rebecca got from the Deputy Calvin.


There has to be a logical explanation for all this! Perhaps, it's just haunted?


Don’t split up now, True Believers! There’s more clues to uncover!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


The game's a'foot! So keep an eye peeled for clues!


Greetings True Believers!


What a strange night! At least the deputy made it out of town safely thanks to Thunderstrike and Amethyst!


But … then there are those beetles … or should I say robotic swarm? Amazing technology. There can’t be more than what … a handful of brilliant minds that could create something like this? But which one? And why would they want to listen in on our heroes? And where are those unknown chemicals coming from?


There’s more going on here than meets the eye, True Believers. Between ghosts, mystery sabotage, and a fake EPA report … the game’s afoot!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


Drone, Drone on the range!


Greetings True Believers!


Welcome back! When last we left our heroes, Don Blake and Martin Prinz had gone to the construction site to apply for a job. What better way to see what is going on, but from the inside?


And wow did they get to see a lot. Mysterious android drones, a highly secret and secured medical building for injured workers, and then there were those construction crew members checking and scanning for some mysterious residue in the buildings?


As for Doc Reynolds, he had uncovered his own mysteries with the soil, crystal and chemical samples. A modified version of the serum developed by Dr. Victor Fries! With some help from Silverwing, they were going to dive into the full mystery of the beetles themselves. Who knows what they will find there.


Now for Rebecca, she only added to her list of mysteries. People involved with the EPA testing suddenly not available? How odd!


Then there was the accident … was it an accident? Or was it just too convenient?


Looks like they are up to their necks in it, True Believers! They’d better be careful! Let’s check in and see if they’re still all right!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


Jinkies! More clues than you can shake a snake at!


Greetings True Believers!


You made it! I wasn’t sure you’d be here, what with what happened at the old military base!


Surely you remember? Our heroes had a plan! Don and Martin got jobs with Cavanaugh construction to dig up some clues as to what was going on. And boy did they turn over the right rock! Workers acting odd, secret scans of mysterious blue chemicals, and worst yet they were caught by Hammer Empire’s science division … HYDRA!


Talk about finding a snake in the grass!


Meanwhile, Doc – with some help from Silverwing – uncovered the mystery of the taser beetles. Alone, they are dangerous as Doc Reynolds found out! But together, they form a complex hive mind that could communicate miles away. But to where? Well, obviously far enough to get the attention of a black helicopter and armed soldiers! Thankfully, Doc and Silverwing beat feet and raced out of there with what they could manage!


While Doc Reynolds and Silverwing are racing away from a helicopter of bad news, Rebecca has shoved up some bad news of her own. Using her contacts and her wits, she tracked down the mysterious EPA investigator … and uncovered dire deeds that may be linked back to the matter at hand! Including one missing EPA lab technician!


Whew! What will they do? Will Don and Martin escape the scaly clutches of HYDRA? Will Doc be able to maintain his telekinesis of the car to get himself and Silverwing to safety? Will Rebecca ever get Doc to answer his cell phone? And most of all …


Will they find out what is really going on and put a stop to it!


I don’t know about you, True Believers, but I’m on the edge of MY seat! Let’s take a peek in and see how they get out of this one!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!

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