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Oscorp Catch-Field Disk

Derwickie Shipping Warehouse, Port Jersey Marine Terminal, 9 pm

The trail hadn’t gone cold, but the thieves hadn’t made it easy to find.
Knight Thrasher crawled up the outside wall of the old Sloan Exports warehouse, then checked the second-floor windows. Most warehouses started using better security on the second floor since meta-powered or high-tech thieves were more common. He hoped any security system here was out of date.
It was old enough that it might not even have security on the second floor. That was a lot to hope for. He stopped at a window and flipped through his mask lenses to check for the signs of an active system.
There was nothing. The window was even unlocked and slightly open.
It was a trap. He was sure of it.
Trap or not, there wasn’t much of an alternative. The thieves took hostages when they raided the medical supply company. Word was they used advanced tech, something like what Oscorp or AIM would cook up, to evade capture. Thrasher carefully eased the window open, then slipped inside along the ceiling.
The trap went off the moment he dropped to the office floor.
A ball of energy snapped shut around Thrasher, faster than even he could react. Blue-green energy of a force field shimmered like a soap bubble. He tapped the field. It flashed where he touched it, like the surface of a plasma globe lamp.
“Well, well. Look what we caught.”
Two men strolled into the dusty office. One was in a black suit, the other? He was decked out in a green vest and had a thin utility belt that looked loaded with small tools. Black Suit could have been anyone, but his partner was a good clue as to who they were.
Oscorp Industries’ employees.
Thrasher sighed.
At least he knew who was behind the kidnapping and medical supply theft.
Oscorp Industries is known for its cutting edge technology and innovative approach to technology. They show time and again; they are the inventive equal to Wayne Enterprises, LexCorp, and other technology powerhouses. One result of Oscorp’s collective work is the Oscorp Catch-Field.

Seriously, this is probably the best and sanest thing Oscorp has created.

— David “Puma” Ironhorse, mercenary for hire

A Big Result in a Small Package

Oscorp engineer, Adam Hamilton, designed the Catch-Field. The reports of certain super powered heroes using Meta powers to ‘catch’ or ‘restrain’ someone either with magnetic or other energy forces inspired him. It wasn’t until Oscorp recovered samples of technology used by the “Freakshow” gang that Hamilton made his breakthrough.
Using the magnetic mirrors from the Freakshow weaponry, Hamilton could generate a powerful magnetic bottle. One strong enough that it could hold a person or an object for up to two minutes. The field only prevents any solid matter, amplified or coherent energy from entering or leaving the contained space.

Just remember to charge them up. Suckers run out of power pretty fast. But I’ve figured out a few hacks to keep them running just a bit longer…

— David “Puma” Ironhorse, mercenary for hire.
Dubbed the ‘Catch-field’ by Hamilton, he proposed it as a product for sale to law enforcement and even rescue organizations. The latter was because of the protective nature of the field. But, according to rumor, a decision from either the Oscorp Board of Directors or the owner, Maxwell Norman Osborn himself, blocked the device from being sold.
Instead, the Catch-Field is restricted for use by Oscorp security staff only, from general security to their ‘Enforcers’. It isn’t unusual for Oscorp Field Technicians to be issued a pack of Catch-Fields when on a field research assignment.
The latter is one of the major ways the devices have found their way into vigilante and hero team hands. Often, this results from an Oscorp employee or group of employees moonlighting as thieves or mercenaries, then crossing the local vigilante community.
  Editor's Notes!
That ‘moonlighting as thieves or mercenaries’? In the hero biz’ they call that “Going Rogue”.

‘Nuff said!


Oh, I picked a few up at the last Oscorp “garage sale”. At least, I’m sure they have a garage somewhere by now. That counts!

— David “Puma” Ironhorse, mercenary for hire and occasional Prince of Questionable Decisions.
It took two heel-palm strikes to the energy shield to make it flicker. Thrasher nodded at the energy walls that had him trapped.
The Oscorp field tech in the green utility vest looked up from his data tablet and grinned.
“Hey, thanks! These are pretty touchy sometimes.”
“Shut! Up!” the Oscorp man in the black suit snarled.
Broad-shouldered and tall, he loomed over the technician. Thrasher guessed this was one of Oscorp’s ‘Security Enforcers’.
The Enforcer stabbed a finger in Thrasher’s direction.
“He nearly broke through the field on that second punch. I’ve seen footage of him. This guy can lift a fully loaded semi-truck like it’s nothing! Can’t you increase the field strength on this thing? We have to finish this deal with AIM, which means we don’t need him getting out of there!”
The field tech hunched over his tablet.
“I’m working on it. These things don’t last that long if I up the power.”
Thrasher pulled a small finger-sized voice recorder from his utility belt. Satisfied it was still on, he replaced it back where it came from.
“AIM? Ok, good to know. Thanks, I was wondering who set this up. Oh, and I’m not about to break this open.”
“Damn right you’re not.” The Enforcer snapped, then hesitated. He scowled at Thrasher. “Wait. What do you mean?”
Knight Thrasher shrugged.
“Just what I said.” He pointed to a spot beyond both Oscorp employees. “I brought backup.”
The field tech froze in place while the Oscorp Enforcer spun around and grabbed at his stun baton.
A lithe, muscular woman stepped out of the shadows. She was clad in a black and blood red armored costume and brandished a pair of red eskrima sticks. Blue eyes twinkled while a bright smile spread over the Harlequin’s death-white face.
Harlequin lunged at them.
The Oscorp employees barely got out a shriek before unconsciousness took over.
She swept up the tablet, or rather, its shattered casing.
“Shoulda got the hardened defensive shell, Ozzies! Oh, and they don’t have a fingerprint scanner, neither.”
Harlequin shook her head at the two Oscorp employees before she smiled sympathetically at Thrasher.
“We’re gonna hafta slap that bubble ‘till it pops, I guess.”
Thrasher thought about pointing to the emitter. But why spoil her good mood?

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Game Mechanics

Body: 2, R# 3

  • Snare: 5 APs
  • Force Field: 5 APs
  • Power Bonus and Limitations
    The Force Field only protects the target held by the Snare power and so cannot be moved. It is anchored where the device is.

    Once the device is on, it remains on for 5 APs ( 2 minutes ) of time or until the field is battered down. If the field is battered down or the time expires, the device is used up and must be recharged.

    It takes 5 APs of time and a power socket for the charging cable to recharge its battery.

    The field generated by the device is vulnerable to the Magnetic Control power. If Magnetic Control is used against the Catch-Field from the outside, the character using Magnetic Control has a +1 Column Shift bonus against breaking down the Force Field.

    If the target of the Catch-Field device has either the Magnetic Control or Magnetic Sense powers, they suffer a -2 Column Shift to use either power effectively due to splitting headaches.

    Game Notes
    Unlike as described in the ‘snare’ power, the device generates a blue-green ‘bubble’ that surrounds a target. The bubble has a ‘soap bubble’ appearance despite its durability.
    The device projects out from a single ‘eye’ on the top and the common use is to toss on the ground under or next to the desired target.

    disk robot eye Depositphotos_373075712_L.webp
    Catch-Field Device (Depositphotos Royalty Free image)
    Item type
    Electronic / Cybernetic
    Owning Organization
    Common among the security forces of Oscorp Industries, rare among the general public and uncommon among the hero community.
    2.2 oz (62.3 grams)
    3 in (8cm) in diameter
    0.25 in (6.35mm) thick

    When deployed, the field covers a maximum space pf 15 ft (4.5 m) by 15 ft (4.5 m). But the on-board scanner will attempt to keep the field just large enough to surround the given target.
    Base Price
    Not for sale on the open market
    The device can be activated using a button along the edge of the disk, or through a remote control keyed to the specific frequency of a disk


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