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Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 2: MAGI Mountain Introduction!

Greetings True Believers!


Welcome back! Our heroes, high in the Himalayas, have just routed - if not outright defeated - a gang of bandits that had been looting the remote mountain town and monastery of Kesang Jinpa. But they also discover that the entire population had been trapped, then encased in mysterious energy fields generated by rings of amethyst crystals!


Talk about a having rocky time of it!


But help arrived in the form of one of the mysterious albino metahumans the team has encountered before, along with people from a group called MAGI. These newcomers seem to be well informed as to what is going on at Kesang Jinpa with its trapped inhabitants. Also, he and his team are well acquainted with Wyldfire's Don Blake! Not the evil alternate universe Don Blake, but Wyldfire's very own Dr. Don! MAGI claimed they found Don in the snow and in desperate need of medical attention and quickly transported him to their medical unit. But Don's life is still in jeopardy!


Something suspicious is going on here, True Believers. Who - or what - trapped the villagers and monks of Kesang Jinpa in energy-producing amethyst gemstones? Were the bandits encouraged to be there to delay the heroes? Or was that just a chance occurrence? And what of this MAGI organization? What is their part in all this?


Our heroes might be about to find out. With MAGI personnel leading the way, our heroes are led to an old, Germanic-style, castle carved out of the side of the mountain itself! The castle looks easily half a century or more old. But no older than World War II. Even more strange, is that MAGI is in the process of removing the symbol of the Black Order from the castle entryway.


Curiouser and curiouser! Looks like the answers to all those questions and more might lie in MAGI Mountain!


Let's check-in with our heroes, True Believers, and see what they've found out!


This is Not Stan Lee saying ...



  Starring ...
Captain America !

and our heroes from Wyldfire ...
Feral !
Blackjack !
Steven Reynolds!


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