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POPULATION: 350K   CAPITAL: Ciesvolo   CITIES: Kvarmitr   TOWNS: Sagrat, Actereu, Sticoi, Tcab, Krisheliz, Gnifi   VILLAGES: Armil, Formacri, Yasa, Glimatesht, Rennelstrou, Chrivulg, Ghtortake  
  Havar, an enchanting maritime region, offers a stark contrast to its sun-kissed counterpart, Pratsa. Here, the Hãol people, ruling under the authority of the Sepcãormor, eke out their existence in harmony with the sea and rocky terrains. The Havar language, resonant with the waves' whispers and the wind's sighs, echoes in the bustling port cities and dusty villages that dot Havar's landscape.   The capital, Ciesvolo, unfurls itself around a vibrant harbor. Its history is steeped in lore, shadowed by a poetic curse that adds a dash of intrigue to the city's charm. Yet, its menace never truly materialized, relegating it to the realm of local trivia. Ciesvolo thrives, oblivious to its fabled dark past, its streets lined with vendors hawking fish, crafts, and tales as old as the city itself.   Kvarmitr, the other notable city, is a rustic seaport, its foundations laid over the resting place of a legendary hero. His tales echo in the songs of the fishermen and reverberate in the clanging of the shipbuilders' hammers. The smaller towns, like Sagrat, Sticoi, Glimatesht, and Chrivulg, bear their own tales, their cobbled streets carrying the quiet resilience of the Hãol people.   Scattered across Havar are ancient graveyards, their headstones worn with age, and their graves lovingly tended to by the Dead Beloved. This peculiar sect, a vestige of the old pagan rites, peacefully coexists with the Congregation of the Ascended's Green Mountain Chapter, their shared reverence for the dead serving as a bridge across theological chasms.   Despite their geophysical challenges, the Hãol people maintain a close-knit relationship with their Rókt neighbors across the sea. Trade flows freely between the western Rókt and Havar, a development that hasn't sat well with the Oŋshans of Pratsa. This burgeoning tension threatens to carve a schism within the Rókt community, separating cultural ties from political allegiances - a scenario that has the potential to plunge the region into conflict.   Yet, the people of Havar and the western Rókt, bound by their shared history, shared familial bonds, and shared economic dependencies, persist. Their collective hope that pragmatism will prevail over political machinations serves as the lighthouse guiding their trade ships across the Apolpho Bay, a beacon of hope in the potentially stormy days ahead.

House Arms of the Sepcãormor



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