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POPULATION: 650K   Capital: Losov   CITIES: Vologa, Lipinkh, Burtaky, Trosk   TOWNS: Zannip, Protst, Ceptyi, Deprevo, Lepier, Vernic, Hother, Lentu, Vanics   VILLAGES: Rokle, Vessbrin, Chectes, Sposeck, Adronmilia, Anghamazy, Laru, Bukep, Imaggran, Retrana, Ishol  
  Pratsa, a sun-blessed jewel set in Albra, on the pristine waters of Apolpho Bay, thrives under the steady governance of the House of Rulsuus. The people converse in their native Pratsa language, a lilting, rhythmic tongue that carries the echo of the waves and the warmth of the sun.   The capital city, Losov, stands as a testament to the Rulsuus' leadership. Architectural marvels meld ancient traditions with efficient functionality, showcasing the House's deep respect for heritage and their practical approach to governance. The city thrives with vibrant markets, bustling artisans' quarters, and thriving cotton fields that stretch to the horizon. Despite the Rulsuus' known resistance to new ideas, the Losovians benefit from their rulers' earnest care and astute administrative acumen.   Moving away from the capital, one finds charming cities like Vologa, Lipinkh, Burtaky, and Trosk, each carrying a distinct flavor of Pratsan life. Vologa, the birthplace of the nationally adored poet Bumbam Tzinis, is a haven for artists and thinkers, its streets echoing with the mellifluous verses of the bard and his successors.   Pratsa's religious calendar is marked by unique festivals in comparison to mainstream Rela observance of the Congregation of the Ascended, the most prominent of which are the Solstice Celebrations and the Golden Harvest Festival. These events, steeped in ancient sun-centric rites, fill the Pratsan skies with the glow of lanterns, the air with the aroma of festive foods, and the streets with the hum of shared stories and songs.   Two famous figures who call Pratsa home are Joru Sessini, the renowned marine scholar, and Heranof Ilkash, a celebrated chef. Sessini, hailing from Burtaky, has transformed the way Pratsa manages its coastal ecosystems, balancing the demands of fishing and conservation. Ilkash, a Trosk native, is a culinary artist, spinning traditional Pratsan ingredients into dishes that dance on the palate and have brought Pratsan cuisine global recognition.   Overall, life in Pratsa is a testament to the enduring strength of tradition, the unyielding power of the sun, and the harmonious rhythm of the sea. As one strolls the streets of its cities, the profound sense of community, resilience, and joyful continuity of ancient customs is palpable in the air, making Pratsa an unforgettable part of Albra's vibrant tapestry.

House Arms of the Rulsuus



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