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Moonstone is a rare mineral commonly found in the Silverlight Isles. Believed to have originated from pieces of Eyr, the smaller of Taevas twin moons, Moonstone possesses a strong connection to the illusion magics that permeat the Isles (as well as a slight connection to star magic), making it a valuable material among the Moon Elves, who frequently use it in the creation of many of their magic items and works of art. Its thanks to unique properties, as well as its unique location within the world, that Moonstone has become emblematic of the Moon Elves.


Material Characteristics

Moonstone resembles stone with a smooth, glassy appearance, and often seen in various shades of silvery-blue.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Moonstone is smooth to the touch, and has a strong ability to channel light and illusion magic, as well as star magic to a lesser extent.

Geology & Geography

Moonstone is most commonly found in the Silverlight Isles, often withing the mountains. Although it's been noted to appear in other parts of Taeva as well, it's never found in as much supply as on the Isles.

Origin & Source

It's commonly believed that Moonstone fell to Taeva on pieces of Eyr, the smaller of Taevas twin moons, as well as the most innately magical.

History & Usage


It's believed that Moonstone was first discovered by early settlers of the Silverlight Isles during the time of the Ithyrian Empire while mining for Ithyrian Silver.

Everyday use

Moonstone is most commonly used in the creation of magic focuses, as well as some works of art (particularly sculptures and engravings).

Cultural Significance and Usage

Moonstone has become emblematic of the Moon Elves, who value it for its connection to the night sky (a pillar of Moon Elf culture).


Trade & Market

Moonstone is commonly sold among the Moon Elves as a high-end crafting material, though it's also rarely seen being sold in mainland Imera's west coast.
Various shades of silvery-blue
Common State


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