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Drakonite is a crystalline material formed from the Aether of deceased ancient Dragons, in much the same way Aetherite is formed from Aether. Unlike normal Aetherite, Drakonite is much more powerful, and possesses a strong connection to Draconic magic, though it's much rarer than normal Aetherite. Thanks to its power and rarity, Drakonite is considered to be a priceless magical material, reserved only for use in the construction of especially significant artifacts.


Material Characteristics

Drakonite is a crystalline material that constantly glows with a blueish-purple light mixed with a number of other colours (depending on the kind of magic the deceased Dragon it was formed from was the most strongly aligned to).

Physical & Chemical Properties

Drakonite produces a warm, tingling sensation upon contact, with larger deposits producing a similar effect in a radius.

Geology & Geography

Drakonite is found in any place that serves as the final resting place of a Dragon.

Origin & Source

Drakonite is commonly formed from the petrified remains of a deceased Dragon, though it can also form from Aetherite that's been exposed to high levels of Draconic Aether.

Life & Expiration

Drakonite can hold its power indefinitely, though it can't regenerate any energy that's been used. Once all of the Aether contained within the Drakonite sample has been expended, it will become brittle and disintigrate.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Due to its rarity, Drakonite is only used in the creation of especially significant artifacts.

Cultural Significance and Usage

While Drakonite is highly valued by nearly all of the nations and peoples of Taeva, it holds especially great significance to those who venerate the Dragons in some form (such as the Drakai and Kobolds), who often use it in the creation of religious relics.


Due to its connection to Draconic magic, as well as the massive amount of Aether contained within it, handling Drakonite is highly dangerous for those who don't possess a high level of skill in handling magical materials, carrying the risk of causing Aetheric Anomalies in its general area or, if sufficiently damaged, causing an Aether explosion.

Environmental Impact

Due to the immense amount of Aether contained within it, Drakonite left in sufficiently large quantities in an area can cause a number of localised Aetheric anomalies, often elemental or Draconic in nature.


Trade & Market

Drakonite is a highly exotic fuel source/magic component, sold only by those with a high level of skill in handling magical materials.


Drakonite must be kept in storage areas built from the highest grade of Aether-cancelling materials away from inhabited areas.

Law & Regulation

Due to the scarecity of the material, as well as the high level of risk involved in its use, Drakonite is subect to extremely stringent regulations, including the requirement of specialised materials and workspaces when working with it, as well as the keeping of highly accurate accounts of the current state and location of all known samples and deposits.
The colour of Drakonite is influenced by the kind of magic the Dragon was attuned to, mixed with a blueish-purple.
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Dec 12, 2023 20:09 by mage josh

Really cool idea, i like the metaphysical implications of such a material existing in a world.

Dec 15, 2023 17:21

Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed the article!

Jan 6, 2024 08:54

A good read. Part of me wonders if there are rumors in the world that say if one were to put an almost depleted piece of Drakonite near a living dragon then it would be possible to recharge it. Assuming living dragons are a thing, of course, and willing to use/generate enough Draconic Aether to potentially make a new deposit anyway, so maybe a moot point?

Updated soon.
Jan 6, 2024 18:22

Thanks for the feedback! There are, indeed, living Dragons in my setting, though they prefer to lair i remote areas far from civilisation, making it rare to cross paths with them. While it would be possible for them to "recharge" a piece of Drakonite, few consider it worth the effort, as they effectively consider Drakonite deposits to be corpses.   Interestingly, the Mortal Races have learned a trick to cast normal Aether through Drakonite, which empowers any magic cast through them without expending any Draconic Aether, though it won't be as powerful as just using the Draconic Aether itself. Since the Aether within Drakonite is stronger, but more finite, it's often held in reserve for more dire situations.