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Within Qatxis, at the edge of its square, there is a display representing the Treeverse. Unofficially the qats just call it a dot-line toy.
Based on the documents, the qat scholars found that the display shows the various places connected with the Hopper trees. At its center is a more prominent symbol that looks like how Tacillia looked Then. With all the continents, without the Cutter, etc. There are smaller dots on this symbol, probably places on Tacillia where the Hopper trees can take you. Unfortunately, the qats were unable to confirm this. The only one who could use the Hopper tree was Mr. Scout, but he never returned, and nobody knows what had happened to him.
There are thirteen other, smaller dots on the Treeverse. The wildest idea among the qat scholars is that those are different spheres, where you can go with the Hopper tree if you know what to do.
And there are the lines that connect the various dots. There is no pattern in them. They are just there between the dots. Four lines go out from the central Tacillia symbol, but all four of them are crossed with red X's. The scholars have no idea what this means and why the X's there and not on the other lines.
Based on the documents in Qatxis, you would be able to read general information about the other dots if you touch them, but nobody was able to make that work. When someone touches one of the dots or lines, the Treeverse shudders a bit, and nothing happens. But it is a perfect game for qats with a shorter focus.
The Treeverse, like everything else, is kept clean by the nullbreeds. It looks like the secrets of the Treeverse will stay secret longer.
Connecting to the main tree… Connection is severed… Retrying…


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