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Mr. Scout

Mr. Scout wasn't an average qat. He wasn't interested in the usual qat pastimes, like annoying someone continuously or planning world domination. Mr. Scout was an explorer who liked finding new places for the sheer joy of discovering new places.
Mr. Scout was born a regular qat, but as he grew up, he discovered that his telepathic powers were lacking compared to other qats, while his telekinetic powers were above average. And that was completely fine with Mr. Scout because he didn't care what others were thinking around him. Mr. Scout was more interested in what the world around him looked like, crawling into the tiniest holes he could find. Unfortunately, he was bigger than an average qat, and many of the places were inaccessible for him. He trained his telekinetic powers as much as possible to squirm through everything. Either by making the holes bigger or pushing himself through tight spots.
His most significant discovery came when he heard that the Dominion started to build the houses of Brillansis. He thought they might unearth something interesting in the process or at least make some holes that he could explore. And this is what happened. In Mr. Scout's stories, he found a spot and carefully inspected it using his unparalleled knowledge. In truth, he just fell through one, and this is how he found the place that is now called Qatxis.
He was in awe for hours because of the wonders he found in Qatxis. He even forgot to eat and sleep. He found a golden tree with silver fruits that he immediately used as a scratching post, a massive toy with bright spots and lines between them, and strange fellows who didn't want to give him food, however hard he tried to befriend them.
After his excitement lessened, he left the place to tell other qats what he found. Of course, most other qats just saw a place in it that nobody knew of. But for a few, it was an ideal site to start their conquest of everything.
Mr. Scout was sickened when he later saw what the other qats did to the place. Heartbroken, he ate one of the silver fruits, leaned on the golden tree, and nobody saw him again after a flash of bright light.
Help me! I'm here! Help meee...
— Mr. Scout


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