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Hopper tree

The only known Hopper is located in Qatxis, in the middle of the settlement's square. It was discovered by Mr. Scout, who played a crucial role in understanding its function.
The Hopper looks like a vast, golden oak tree with several branches with apple-like, silver fruits on each of the branches. Although it does not look like a tree that can grow in the forest, the qat scholars and druids are adamant that it is a live tree, not a piece of machinery. Because of this and its highly regenerative capacity, the qats like to use it as a scratching post. Although, after the disappearance of Mr. Scout, the qats are not that eager to sharpen their claws on the tree. Witnesses say Mr. Scout leaned to the tree while eating a fruit and just disappeared.
Since then, the qat scholars think they figured out what happened. Based on what they found in the books and what they could see on the dot-line toy at the edge of the square, Mr. Scout must have thought of something the tree recognized, and it moved, hopped him to the location the fruit wanted to go. The leading theory is that there is a network of trees on the surface of Tacillia, and you can move between these locations through the trees. There are talks of places outside Tacillia, and both the toy and the books strengthen this idea. They tried to replicate the effect with lower life forms like birds and dogs without any success. The nullbreeds do not consume anything, and the qats do not want to endanger themselves. There is a debate going on to kidnap a sentient being. So far, that idea is always turned down because of fear that others can discover Qatxis too.
The fruit that grows on the tree is delicious; each fruit regrows in a day. Making it an almost unlimited food source for the qat.
Has anybody seen my parrot?
— Rogmesh, Eminence of the Parliament


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