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The Cutter is the most extensive mountain range on planet Tacillia. Comparable in size to the continent Gibora. It rose to existence during the Rending. As the two celestial entities, Absence, and Abundance, tore Tacillia apart, molten rock rose from inside the planet, creating Cutter layer by layer. Because of the process of how the Cutter was made, it has no high peaks or treacherous deep valleys. It looks more like a wall.
The wall synonym has a double meaning. Because the Cutter circle the planet entirely and not even members of the valturo can fly to its top, the mountain is effectively separating, cutting Tacillia into two halves. There were a few attempts by the valturo and the Dominion of the Hobgoblin to find something on the other side of the Cutter. On all the occasions, they bore through the mountain, but all the attempts were in vain. The people came back either finding nothing but an endless ocean on the other side or not at all.
The mountain is home to strange creatures living inside the mountain, like the rock eater vangola, scarce crystals and metals which can not be found anywhere else, like the intal, and the valturo who claimed the Cutter as their home.
The valturo is the only fly-capable sentient species on Tacillia. The vast terrace-like plateaus of the Cutter are ideal for them to live there. The strange feature of the mountain range is that it exists in quite different climates. This helped shape the valturo into various subcultures during the last few hundred years.
The Cutter is quite far from any points of Gibora. Visiting it is quite a challenge in itself. Nowadays, only merchants try their luck to reach the mountain, especially calamor merchants to trade as much intal as possible, and a few scholars to learn about the range.
The Cutter is home. The Cutter is us
— Grasok, valturo Harpy
Mountain Range


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