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The intal is a unique material excreted by vangolas when they overeat themselves. Various scholars have no agreement on how the intal is created within the vangolas. Everybody can agree that it doesn't matter what minerals or crystals the vangola itself the produced intal always has the same properties.
The intal, compared to iron, can be melted at a low temperature. Which, in theory, makes it an ideal in metallurgy. But it takes an enormous time to cool it down in air or water. Usually, it can take days, and during the slow cooling, it deforms. The only place where you can cool it down quickly is the deep-sea making it the perfect material for the calamor makers. They can melt it quickly in ocean vents and cool it down quickly in the sea.
It is pretty easy to create different forms from the intal. The usual process is to make the mold of what is needed, melt the right amount of intal, pour it into the mold, and let it quickly cool down and harden in the seawater.
Calamor maker masters started experimenting with it using different pressures and seawaters of varying compositions. Currently, the result of these experiments is that there are only two differences. One is color which can range from yellowish-brown to orange. The other one is transparency which correlates to pressure. The more pressure applied, the more transparent the result is. There is talk among the calamor makers to organize an expedition to one of the deep trenches to try and create glass-like intal items.
The only drawback of the intal is that if it breaks, it is impossible to remelt it, like iron, copper, or other regular metals. Still, it is a vital material within the Calamor Empire and the Aerie to complement steel and bronze items.
The use of intal makes the calamor even more dangerous
— Durrash, orc warlord


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