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High Chancellor

The rank of High Chancellor has only been given out once and once only. This special rank was elected one year after the god of Light and Life Tala-ni'alni came crashing down to Crater and springing life into the dead roots of Crater. This title was voted on and the one and only Brentalas Darnet. A Tala-ni born individual who was chosen for her forward thinking and intellectual understanding of complex situations.   The High Chancellor is known for having the most sound arguments and opinions in times of struggle and prosperity. The members of the Zenith High Council all look to the High Chancellor for guidance on specific issues to resolve. While the High Chancellor is an esteemed title that has only been held by one person over the 45 years of Craters timeline, not everyone agrees with the teachings and thoughts of the High Chancellor. While none of the High Chancellors teachings and religious writings are enforced as law they are seen as directly communicated words of Tala-ni'alni.   The High Chancellor has a reputation to uphold. A pristine, perfect reputation. As the figurehead of the entirety of Crater the High Chancellor must maintain a professional and flawless understanding of all situations. While Brentalas Darnet has done a fabulous job of this so far there are those who like to challenge her mere presents. Such as the unruly organization of the Chrome Brotherhood.


For one to be considered for High Chancellor they must have a minimum stay in the Zenith High Council for 3 years and have no more than 2 altercations during those years. Even being considered for the role with 1 altercation is a rare occurance. Prestige and perfection determined by the current High Chancellor themselves as well as the current residents of The Oasis find and elect those from other Councils in the different colonies on Crater. However, due to her excellency High Chancellor Darnet has yet to be dethroned. As no one has managed to step to her level of foresight and knowledge.


There are no trivial requirements such as age or race when determining the next High Chancellor. Only experience and pedigree.


At the first Ceremony of Ascension there was nothing special prepared but according to legend and High Chancellor Darnet herself there was a small cerimonial song sung by her peer Monty Fonzer. Other than that some water was poured over her brow and that was that.


High Chancellors are expected to be the ultimate judge between any major dispute that happens in the Oasis or even all of Crater if the situation is dire. They are also the ones to determine the rations of water supplies that are sent out to the neighboring colonies of The Oasis.


High Chancellors attending many meetings as well as constant announcements to all colonies across Crater of updates on weather reports and sudden spaceship infractions from wandering vessels. As well as making sure that more pieces of the artifact that brings new water to the planet are found and brought back to The Oasis.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Even though there has been no exchange of power yet there is a dismissal procedure that has been set into place where the new High Chancellor is brought to the center of Crater to the point where Tala-ni'alni first came crashing down. Where water sprang from the dry veins of the planet and life began to grow. And then the Ceremony of Ascension is done by the previous High Chancellor.


The founding of The Oasis was the same day that the first High Chancellor was annointed.

Cultural Significance

The High Chancellor is seen as the most direct prophet of Tala-ni'alni. They are the most respected individual in all of Crater and even seen as a prominent figure in the entire Geltar system.

Notable Holders

Religious, Political
Created by the First Elders of Crater
Form of Address
Your Excellence
Equates to
The High Chancellor equates to the undisputed King of a nation.
Source of Authority
Elected by the Zenith High Council every year
Length of Term
1 year

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