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The Oasis

The Oasis is the capital city and the birthplace of all life on Crater. This is the place of Bhama Prime. The first records of Bhama from the time of Tala-ni'alni's arrival on Crater. At the center of Crater is The Oasis and at the center of that is Bhama Prime. The ore of Life that was imbued with the divine power of Tala-ni'alni himself. Once every 10 days more freshwater spews out of the large Bhama ore and into the Starry Pond for the Zenith High Council and High Chancellor Brentalas Darnet to ration to The Oasis and the other colonies. The water is always clean and refreshing and could sustain an individual for several days with just a glass. Due to the lack of water and immense potency of Bhama water it has to be carefully distributed out to the colonies. The colonies that bring in the most efficient work is paid with more and more Bhama. Those that manage to live in the luxurius Oasis have a bit more Bhama to work with due to the natural order of things.   Some individuals don't like this idea and refuse to accept the rations give out. There are groups of revolutionaries who have abandoned their posts of work in their colonies and went to try and survive in the harsh environment of Crater. The Oasis is a haven for any wandering traveller who finds themselves amongst the plant life and seemingly endless water. The Oasis like most capitals is a hub for trading and commerce. On Crater the currancy is the same as the other planets in the system on Crater credits are commonly reffered to as "Drops." The official Cratierian name for currancy is DewDrops but the term gets shortened to "Drops" or even "DD."   Not many wandering ships fly their way into Crater, rarely any merchants or rich nobles. Crater is not a vacation planet but a hard working one. The exporting of many metals and technological advancements have put them on the solar map.


Cratierians, Oblarians, Tala-ni, make up the majority of the races here. There are a lot of Tala-ni with fewer Cratierians. But you will ocassionally find some Aaracockra, Lizardfolk and even Dragonborn here.


The Zenith High Council oversees everything that could possibly happen. All interplanet commerce, trading and homelife that goes on in The Oasis. There is a total count of 10 members including the High Chancellor.


There are multiple Pulse turrets mounted on the edges of the crater itself as well as a trust and trained guard called The Light Brigade that are armed to the teeth with the finest Crater firearms and armor.

Industry & Trade

Crater is full of easily enchanted metals and precious gems all under the surface of Crater. Along with Bhama infused and enchanted weapons that get traded often off planet.


The infrastructure is very advanced even for a sci-fi setting like the Geltar System lots of hides used for the tops of market stalls and lots of metal exterior with fine marble and dark deadwood interior. Plenty of light blue emitting light coming from lamps and lightblub-esque items lighting up the smooth stone streets.


Around the water's edge you will find multiple vendors of firearms and other technological trinkets.


The Oasis has everything one would want to purchase from Bhama enhanced firearms to speedy vehicles to traverse the dangerous land raptors on the flat horizon of Crater.

Guilds and Factions

There aren't too many independant factions that have permanent residence in The Oasis as most all are affiliated with the Council in some way. There are the Long Striders which are the main providers of all tech related to vehicles in The Oasis and the rest of the Crater colonies. The Rest and Scrap co doubles as a place of short term residence as well as a freelance scrap pile for those looking for spare parts. And of course there are the Zenith Guard that are armed completley with Bhama infused gear and proper training on vehicles and hand to hand combat.


The Oasis was the first settlement on Crater and the most developed city in the entire Geltar System. Despite the rest of Crater being slightly under developed The Oasis has been able to reap the benefits of the Bhama water that pours out of the sacred artifact at the center of the city. High Chancellor Brentalas Darnet was there to name the city and was also there to start manifesting the production of the most advanced civilization the Geltar System would ever see.   The starting of The Oasis was an explosive one. During that time Tala-ni'alni was aiding in the development of the city and thus the construction of the roads and housing were created in less than a day. The real development process began when the Cratierians started to mine the mineral and ore rich crust. Once they established proper terms with the Tala-ni and Oblairians the process of other colonies went underway. The Oasis prospered all thanks to the combined efforts of the races of Crater now it is the main hub for any and all technologically enhanced weapons and vehicles in the Geltar System.

Points of interest

There is the Bhama Line which is all the market stalls set up along the waters line of the oasis where you can pick up any and all mechanical assets you desire. You can either purchase Bhama infused or regular Cratierian products.


While The Oasis is the hub of all things on Crater, there are not a lot of ships off planet that visit Crater for anything more than to refuel thier ships or pick up any upgrades.


The style of building is very much reminiscent to ancient egypt and hawaiian tribal meets cyberpunk.


The Oasis was built in the crater that Tala-ni'alni created when coming down to the planet. The city housing is built into the ridges of the crater with very few buildings actually being built on the flat ground where the water is.

Natural Resources

The Oasis produces Bhama the most precious form of fuel and energy.
Founding Date
5 AL
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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