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Zenith High Council

The Zenith High Council is the governing body that makes up all the enlightened individuals on Crater. These people have been hand picked by the god of Crater himself, Tala-ni'alni. Highly intelligent and wise individuals all from around Crater that congregate in the capital, The Oasis. These high governning figures do not determine the laws and regulations they believe is the best for Crater but they simply pass on the good word of Tala-ni'alni to the rest of the inhabitants of Crater.   Not everyone trusts those on the Zenith High Council and some even see them as false prophets and evil heretics. However, the general public do put their faith in them as they continue to bring light and life into the once dry and dead planet of Crater. The members are not entirely known by everyone who lives on Crater and only a few rich nobles know the whole council by name.   The High Chancellor Brentalas Darnet is the head of this council and has been so ever since The Oasis was formed as the planets capital. She is of Tala-ni decent and has been activally augmenting and enchancing herself to reach what every Tala-ni wishes, recognition of their god. She was elected as High Chancellor due to her being the most intelligent being and fastest working mind on all of Crater. This title has been challenged by few and taken by none.   The Council deals with everything that happens on Crater and the surrounding moons in the solar system. The distribution of the daily amount of water and tinkering matierals is what the council mainly decides on. As well as commerce with the 4 other planets in the Geltar System.


The Zenith High Council works as an electoral system of the most qualified individuals. These individuals are decided by each colony on Crater and sent to the Oasis to be tested by past members of the Council.


The culture of the council is a refined and understanding one. A fair democratic culture where every council members voice is heard and respected. Everyone also gives their respect the High Chancellor as she has the final opinion on most things.

Public Agenda

The Zenith High Council hsa no ultimate goal other than to continue to prospur the planet of Crater into a land rich in water and technology.


The Council handles all the precious natural materials that Crater has to offer, metals, energy lost artifacts etc.


Ever since the coming of Tala-ni'alni and the year after that the Tala-ni race devised the council as a form of government to maintain life on Crater.

From Light to Life

Founding Date
1 AL (After Light)
Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
Planet of Sand
Controlled Territories

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