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High Chancellor Brentalas Darnet

High Chancellor Brentalas Darnet (She/Her)

Brentalas Darnet was the first chosen High Chancellor and still remains as the current High Chancellor now.   Being one of the first Tala-ni to be born Brentalas Darnet was quick to grow and become the most intelligent being Crater has ever seen. There have been some council members that have come close to Brentalas in terms of intelligence but none have even compared in terms of wisdom and logic.

Physical Description

Body Features

85% of Brentalas' body is nonorganic. She has kept her brain as well as her heart organic, but the rest of her body has been augmented and enhanced with Bhama and the finest forging Crater has to offer. She has two horns that curve to the upward acting as a "crown" of the High Chancellor.

Facial Features

Completley smooth black flexible metal material.

Special abilities

Can cast telekenesis at will. Can also see heat signatures.

Apparel & Accessories

She likes to wear this long silk black cape that drapes over her right shoulder.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Being one of the first Tala-ni to be born from Tala-ni'alni's being Brentalas was created for success. While the other Tala-ni focused on themselves Brentalas focused her efforts to prospering the planet of Crater. She saw the struggles that the newly populated planet would have to face and went headstrong into survival mode. Finding an efficient use for Bhama and establishing order amongst the races. Brentalas quickly rose the social rankings eventually making her way to the top and being voted most worthy of making the big decisions on Crater. Brentalas travelled to the neighboring developed planets of Juggar and Tempo. Seeing the different styles of living Brentalas was bent on creating the most ideal place for anyone to live.

Gender Identity

While almost every Tala-ni are born without a gender they often take on masculine or feminine traits.




While Brentalas has not had any formal education of any kind she is recognized as the smartest and the most wise individual that Crater has ever seen.


Brentalas has been the High Chancellor on Crater ever since the construction of The Oasis and still holds that title 75 years later.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Brentalas Darnet was the first to think of the idea of using Bhama to enhance technology as well as the main architect for the creation of the capital city; The Oasis.

Intellectual Characteristics

While Brentalas is almost always honest she has mastered the way of not telling a complete truth.

Morality & Philosophy

Her morality and philosophy heavily relies on her conversations with Tala-ni'alni and her deep meditations. She believes in equal oppertunity for all who follow the laws and rules of the council. She is a firm believer in second chances, but is wise enough to keep a keen eye out for disruptive individuals.

Personality Characteristics


Develop Crater to become the most advanced civilization to ever exist.
Lawful Neutral
Current Status
Maintaining life on Crater
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
75 years old
Date of Birth
1st day of life on Crater
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Burn a bright light"
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations

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