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The Ancient Elevator

Top Floor

Sir, there've been whispers among the general populous again... it appears word has leaked that you're working on the elevator again. Rumour has it that you've actually got an idea of how to get it started this time, and where to find spare parts for it.   If it's true, you could've told me. I-I.. I confess... I'd very much like to see the elevator working. I've always wanted to see what I missed on the lower floors. I can help. Anything you ask, I will help with. Please, sir!
— Aide to Mayor Bramford, Seventh Floor

Broken and Forgotten

What used to be one of the most wonderful piece of technology within Synthacrosia, second only to the Soul Custodial System and related technologies, was slowly forgotten over the years. When Locorin vanished somewhere near the beginning of Synthacrosia's operation, many of the Tower's devices ceased working. The elevator was one of them; the car froze at the top of the shaft, on the Seventh Floor, never to move again.

Rediscovery and Repair

It's debatable whether or not all knowledge of the Ancient Elevator was lost, or if some knowledge was retained. The current Mayor of Castle Town, Mayor Bramford, might have rediscovered the Elevator, or he might have known about it all along. Nearly 100 years before the current day, he announced the existence of the elevator to all the citizens of the Seventh Floor. Interest in the elevator dropped, as years passed with no word on repairs.

Middle Floors

Silent Reconstruction

A few people with a die-hard interest in the elevator have continued to whisper about it's possible reconstruction. Ever since Mayor Bramford first brought it back to public attention, they've continued to research and snoop. Current rumours spreading on the Seventh Floor regarding the Elevator's imminent reconstruction have come from these interested people; through bribery and sneaking, they've managed to gain a small amount of insider knowledge on the project.   Some of these rumours have worked their way down to the Sixth Floor; travel between the floors may be rare, but it exists in enough capacity for information to flow. Citizens of Main City on the Sixth Floor have also began whispering about the elevator, thanks to these rumours. Interest in the Elevator has reached an all time high.
You hear what Hayen said when he came back from Castle Town last week? No? Oh man, oh man. Get this. Apparently, Bramford's been working on repairing the elevator. Says he's almost got the thing working again. This could be it, man! We might finally have a way down to the Fifth Floor again! ...though, I have no idea where the opening to the Elevator even is.
— Conversation between friends


Mayor Bramford and his inner circle retain great knowledge of the Elevator; it's location, how it works, and possibly how to fix it. It's unknown if he and his engineers know where the Elevator comes to stop at on each floor, however. The elevator shaft's location is a closely guarded secret, thus curious and nosy people have never been able to determine where it lands on each lower floor. This hasn't stopped people from searching, however. Dedicated people have searched as much of the Sixth and Seventh floor as they can, yet no entrance to the elevator shaft has ever been found.

Lower Floors

Do you think anyone below even remembers the elevator? Do they know if it exists? Maybe they've found an entrance to the elevator shaft... Sometimes I dream that a lower floor soul will figure out this infernal problem, and surprise us all by calling the elevator down to them. Then they'll come back up, and the Tower will once again have travel between it's floors...
— Citizen of Castle Town

Initial Construction

Some hundred or so years after Synthacrosia's operations began, Locorin completed the elevator. It's unsure what took him so long to build it, or why it wasn't a part of the Tower's initial design. It's been theorized that perhaps he initially didn't even see the need for such a shortcut. The Tower was meant to be traversed slowly, so as meaning and growth could be acquired by traveling up the floors.   An idea exists that the Elevator was built to fulfill the requests of the many souls arriving in Synthacrosia. In those days, Locorin truly tried his hardest to help each and every soul, lending them his ear, listening to their problems, and building new features into the tower to help. The Elevator was likely just the latest in a long list of favours Locorin did for his charges, built to satisfy the souls that no longer wanted to put in the effort to traverse from floor to floor. It's thought that this may have been one of the reasons for his disappearance, for once Locorin vanished, the Elevator stopped working.

A problem of Scale

One of the reasons the elevator was so easily forgotten and lost is due to the size and scope of the tower. A building as massive as Synthacrosia is has endless spots to hide things; when magic, broken minds, and reality warping are brought into the equation, things are easily lost. The shaft of the Elevator might not even be in a single straight line from top of the tower to the bottom; it may twist, turn, and warp it's way down the tower. The missing entrances to the elevator shaft could be located anywhere within every floor.
Once I get this thing working again... I can visit every floor, and mark down every entrance to the shaft. All will be well once more.
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