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Taller than he thinks

Barkeep Jacob

Physical Description

Facial Features

Is attempting to grow a beard, however ever since having his race be changed from Dwarf to Elf , Jacob has been unable to grow anything more substantial than patchy stubble.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jacob is a very friendly elf, who acts like a very friendly dwarf. Despite being an elf for a few hundred years, he still hits his head on things, not used to being so tall.   Drinks a lot. Also never has to sleep. Due to this, he always spends his time in and around his tavern, and always welcomes guests to join him in his merryment. Has Alia run the Inn for him, while he provides the materials, and owns the huts the Inn is made of.


Main employment is the barkeep of Jacob's Tavern. He also runs a few games from within the tavern, or outside the tavern. Generally games played in the tavern are drinking contests, or Dice Games -- but his favourite pass-time is Junk Stacking , which is done outside in the clearing near his tavern.

Failures & Embarrassments

Has fallen into the river four times, generally from drunken shenanigans. As a result, he's no longer a dwarf, and is now an elf.   A secondary effect from his tumbles into the cursed water is that Jacob no longer has to sleep; he is always fully rested.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Beer, beards, Junk Stacking are all things Jacob likes.
Current Location
Year of Birth
410 BcA 2410 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Died of plague during his life
Current Residence
Pale blue, generally friendly
Aligned Organization

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