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Dice Games

Side bets?


Played by the residents of Weirborough when Junk Stacking loses its edge. The main game the Weirborans play is called Dead Eye.


Dead Eye:   Two or more players each start with the same number of 6-sided dice. Traditionally, the game is played with 2 - 5 dice. Each additional die adds more volatility to the game.   The winner of the game is the first player to build a hand with all the same number showing.   Rolling a 1, or a dead-eye, is an automatic loss.   A round of play consists of the following steps.   Pay into the pot for each die that will be rolled.   Roll the dice.   Did you roll any 1s? If so, you lose.   Set aside any dice you wish to keep.   Are all your kept dice showing the same number? If so, you win.   If no one won this round, begin again at step 1.     If play ends in a tie, either through a mutual win or mutual loss, the pot remains and the tying players must play another game to determine the winner.

Components and tools

Dice, and wagers


Anyone can join, generally drinks are had before hand to loosen the wallets.
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