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"The water is quite safe after boiling, I promise!"


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alia generally spends most of her time inside her potion shop, located next to Jacob's Inn that she helps run.   Alia is known as the potion master, and is attempting to determine the source of the curse on the water of The Spillway .   She has sadly fallen into the river three times. She used to go out on runs up and down The Spillway, and even spent some time living in Beachcastle . However after her first splash into the river, she retired back to Weirborough , to begin studying the river water.   The second fall was due to just poor planning, as she had one too many beers at Jacob's tavern, and fell into the river on her way back home.   The third fall, after dedicating more time to studying and less time to drinking, gave her the curse on her hair. She was leaning forward to scoop more water up to study, but slipped and fell in. Now her hair grows at a constant rate of 1" per hour; she cuts it once per day, and throws out piles of hair once per week.   These days she just asks Dagobert to scoop out water for her to study, and make new potions.


Potion creator and trader, and cursed water researcher.

Failures & Embarrassments

Fell in the river 3 times.

Wealth & Financial state

Owns many potions, and trades them using her bartering system.:   2 cure light = 1 cure medium, 2 cure medium = 1 cure serious   1 cure medium = 1 mage armor = 1 endure elements = 1 enlarge person = 1 reduce person = 1 vanish   1 cure serious = 1 +4 stat potion = 1 wood shape = 1 blur
Current Location
Year of Birth
470 BcA 2470 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Lost to time; Unknown
Current Residence
Soft and gray, crinkled around the edges
Growing at a rate of 1" per hour
5' 10"
Aligned Organization

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