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Unofficial MapVember

It's UnofficialMapVember! Thanks to WordiWiki for getting this challenge together! You can read about the challenge here.  

Where you do things:


The Toblin is a Goblin Tavern (named by my husband - he is still giggling about his cleverness....I'm not sure I'm convinced!)
Note the blue sconce lights of magical fire and the mugs of their specially brewed Elixer of Zakk.
by Tara O' Neill


Prepare for your next random encounter with a ready-to-go roadside campsite.


The Tipsy Stool in Illyos is the perfect place to relax after a long day.
by Tara O'Neill


Gregorovic Training Camp
Gregorovic Training Camp
Everyone in the Skatzingrad Army comes through the Gregorovic Training Camp at some point or another.




When Lady Gregorovic wanted to get the brothel in Illyos shut down, the Tipsy Stool bought the building and expanded the tavern and added guest rooms. Now, the ladies who had been employed by the brothel come to the tavern instead.
by Tara O'Neill


In the classrooms of the Dawn College, students can learn Mazhi, a simplified script used to convey information of an Arcane nature.
by Tara O'Neill






The trapped room in the dungeon likes to shoot enchanted arrows at people who step on the wrong tiles. Make sure you know your path before you start - if you hope to survive...
by Tara O'Neill

Where you find things:






The Map to Melgort's Workshop is hidden in a vault in Jeorta. Even if it is found, you have to know Mazhi to follow it. Beware to those who try without understanding the directions.
Show spoiler
The map warns of an Ooze living down a passage and points out several traps. Readers are told which dead end they should dig in to find the key to the trap door. The map also labels the chests at the end of the cave as "False Chests" and labels a trap door hidden with magic beyond.


Elluna's Dress Shop in Illyos.
Elluna's Dress Shop


Faith does not always provide answers the way one hopes for, but sometimes it can be the start of a journey.
Temple of Chauntea
The Temple of Chauntea in Shelar is the largest temple to the nature goddess on Sylinia.


Homer's Theater in Illyos
by Tara O'Neill




Those seeking out the Roussard Group do so at their own peril. Their tunnels can be accessed in the basement of the Tipsy Stool, if one is brave enough.
by Tara O'Neill


We have all had a moment when we needed a little bit of liquid courage.
by Tara O'Neill



Where you feel things:


A journey through the Feydark is never a comforting thing, and when your only direction is a map provided by Goblins, there isn't anything to allay those fears.
Goblin Feydark Map
The brave travelers can enter the Feydark and attempt to navigate through. No one will make claims to the accuracy of this map - the tunnels have been known to shift and move without warning.








The Town of Vo is in the Frigid Tundra of the Feywild.
The town of the Vo
The Vo are a nomadic community, so their homes move and rearrange regularly. When they stopped with the Auroch herds, they celebrated the wedding of Alessia and Windham.


Moradin's Forge, deep in the mountains of Morain.
Moradin's Forge by Tara O'Neill


Checking out a strange cave seems like a simple enough task. But be wary, there are traps and crumbling stones that can cause trouble at any moment!
I finally caved and tried out Dungeon Fog for this one!
by Tara O'Neill


There is no place like home.
Cottage Map
by Tara O'Neill


The longer I am here, the more dangerous it is. I have to get out, soon. Before it's too late.
Princess Catriona
The coastal city of Illyos is a buzzing trading town on the southern edge of the Skatzingrad Empire.