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Zakk is a glowing mushroom that is found throughout the Underdark of Sylinia. This bioluminescent fungi has a slight purplish tint. The mushroom's slight glow is often just enough to cast eerie shadows, but not quite enough to illuminate a space for any humanoids without dark vision.
In its raw form, Zakk is poisonous to most humanoids. When it is boiled, it releases an oily substance that contains most of the toxins. The boiled fungus can then be used in a variety of applications.

Essence of Zakk

More permanent and stable goblinoid communities mash the boiled Zakk and ferment it into a strong liqueur they call Essence of Zakk.

Zakk Rolls

Zakk is a major part of the diet of the Izz'Goz Orcs in Galosh. They add the cooked Zakk to soups and stews. The mushrooms can also be mashed and packed into balls to make dense bread they call Zakk Rolls. They are very high in nutrients, if lacking in flavor.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Zakk mushrooms feed off minerals found in the walls of the Underdark. The more arcane energy in the stone, the brighter they will glow.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Zakk mushrooms are found in the Underdark of Sylinia. They grow in the Feydark on the Feywild plane of existence, though less densely.
3-5 years
Average Height
3-4 inches

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