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Tipsy Stool

A popular Tavern at the waterfront of Illyos, the Tipsy Stool is frequented by many of the city's residents and the sailors who come in and out on leave. While a comfortable welcoming establishment during the daytime, it is not the kind of place where proper people are found after dark.

The current proprietor is a soft spoken older man by the name of Richard Belleforth. In his younger years, Richard was part of the Skatzingrad Army, and a fearsome warrior. A freak accident while working in the armory about 20 years ago brought his career to an abrupt halt. Though he no longer has the use of his right leg, and leans heavily on a cane Richard is still more than capable of handling himself in a bar fight. He doesn't typically intervente until there is threat to his self or his belongings, preferring to encourage his patrons to duke it out in the streets where they are no longer his problem.

Oh old Richard down at the Tipsy Stool? Aye, he's a right good fellow if you ask me. He makes his drinks strong and isn't stingy, long as you can pay. He don't hold grudges neither. He set me out on my ass more'n a time or two before, but he's always happy to see me the next day. Good man, that Richard.
— Igor Morris
That Tavern is the Cesspool of this city. It should be shut down! Nothing good comes with that place. Can't stand the idea that innocent young maidens are being exposed to something like that place. Whoever knows what even goes on there!
Lady Yekaterina Gregorovic
I make the trade runs starting at Illyos and going around the coast up to Sveizad, the Capital, and the Dumont lands. They're nice places to visit, the other places. They're all right I suppose. They have decent taverns, decent women. But nothing like we have here at home in Illyos. Aye, this is my favorite place of all of them.
— Lou Stout, Sailor


Main floor

The main floor contains the tavern. There are always patrons, regardless of the hours. On a late night, every seat may find itself filled. A musician is often employed to take the blue carpet and play to entertain the guests.
by Tara O'Neill

Inn (2nd floor)

There used to be a brothel next door. But then the Lady Gregorovic's self got all bent out of shape over it. She was putting up some sort of awful ruckus about it. Of course, her Lord husband felt to the need to do something about it, so I offered to purchase the brothel and turn it into rooms. I've been looking to expand the tavern and adding an inn. He was of course happy to oblige. He even gave me a loan for the renovations.
I have never been married, but I can't imagine it would be easy having a wife like her Ladyship wailing all the time. Now there isn't a sign outside that tells people what happens in those rooms. Keeps everyone involved is happy.
Richard, Proprietor of the Tipsy Stool
by Tara O'Neill


Note the hidden door in the basement which connects to tunnels controlled by the Roussard Group.
by Tara O'Neill

Office (3rd floor)

Richard keeps his rooms up here on the third floor, along with an office. Occasionally his less savory clientele use his office for a clandestine meeting.
by Tara O'Neill
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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