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The Sinrutto, also known as the blue plague, is a diseases caught by drinking contaminated water. After a few days after contracting the sickness the victims eyes turns to a light blue shade and the sick person becomes weak. If untreated the ill will die after a few weeks, contaminating the surroundings further.


Usually a water source is contaminated by a Lahoskade or other disease filled objects, like corpses of humans or animals. The sickness was first documented during the Windsong Rebellion as many villages and towns were stricken with the Sinrutto. It is not clear if the disease is just a byproduct of the war or if it was deliberately engineered by the rogue wizards.

Course of the Disease

It is reported that almost immediately after contracting the Sinrutto one looses most of his appetite after develops a strong urge to not eat or drink. Being weakened by the lessened nutrition the disease can now run through the body almost unstopped. After a few days (in most cases 3-4 nights after contraction) the dermis of the patient turns to a light blue shade and the victim starts to feel sick. For the next few weeks (in most cases 1-3 weeks) the patient is bedridden, being to weak to move much. In this time the disease eats through the muscles of the victim and the more time passes, the dermis turns into a darker blue shade. In normal untreated cases the patient will die in at most a month (usually 3-4 weeks after contraction) after being exposed to the diseases. If the corpse is not burned with the uttermost care the blue plague will now spread to those close to the victim.


The treatment of the Sinrutto is described in detail in the Xanmur's Guide to the Diseases of Tal'Lyra. There are a few different treatment options, depending on the progress of the disease. If treated successfully the patient gains immunity to further outbreaks of the blue plague. 
  • Intial few days after contraction before the patients eyes turn blue: If it is assumed that one has contracted the blue plague, it is advised that he is force fed to counter the loss of appetite. Usually this gives the body enough strength to fight the disease by itself, leaving the patient without long term effects.
  • First week after the patients eyes turned blue: While it is still advised that the patient is kept fed and warm this alone will not be enough anymore. Rubbing a paste made out of the Sinninvaist onto the torso and the forehead of the patient will stop the disease in up to 85% of cases. Still, the patient will keep some of the weakness and will never regain his full strength.
  • Second week after the patient is bedridden: If the disease has progressed this far without treatment working, it is recommended to perform the painful Sintulen. This crass course of treatment combined with further use of the sinninvaist-paste will save a further 5% of diseased, but will leave the victim scared for live. Furthermore if the patient survives the blue plague at this phase of progress, it will leave the patient frail for the rest of his life, which is usually drastically shortened after contraction of the Sinrutto.
  • After the patients death: Doctors and family member are urged to handle the corpse with the highest amount of caution. Someone with immunity to the disease should take the body far into the wilderness, away from any water streams and burn it. Afterwards the clothes of the chosen should also be burned in the same fire.
Furthermore the guide advocates for doctors of a victim of the Sinrutto to be either immun by having survived the disease earlier in his life or to be drinking a tincture made out of Sinninvaist during the whole treatment process.

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