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The Sintulen (dwarven tongue for fire healing) is the last treatment option for patients with Sinrutto. Since the ritual leaves a lot of scars and can even kill the victim, it is usually only the last resort, used shortly before the patient would die anyway. 
The upper body and head of the patient are burned for short amount of times with fire or other hot objects. This is done for 10 minutes every three hours for two days. Afterwards the sufferer is monitored for two more days and if his condition doesn't improve, the sintulen will be performed a second time. The goal of the healing ritual is to burn away the diseases in the muscles of the patient. If the course of treatment is also not deemed successful, an all or nothing third round is performed. This time, the heat is applied every hour for another two days. Usually the patient dies during this time, either from his burned skin or from the blue plague itself.

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