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The Sinninvaist (dwarven tongue for herb for the blue plague) is a herb found near some of the coasts of the continent, which is proven to help in the healing process of the Sinrutto.

Where to find it

The herb usually grows on the coasts of The Blue Bay near Rashor and south of Cairn in the east. Sometimes it is also found on the shore of Horto's Lake. Also most herbalist and masters for healing and potions grow it in their garden because of it's importance in the fight against the blue plague.

How to use it

The only known usage of the Sinninvaist is for the treatment of the Sinrutto. It is utilized to both heal the patient and protect the doctor from the disease.
  • Healing of the Patient: With alcohol and the leaves of the sinninvaist a moist paste is made, which is applied to both the patients torso and his forehead daily
  • Protection of the Doctor: The herb is cooked in clear water for twelve hours or more to produce a tincture which protects, if drunken, from the blue plague. It is advised to trink one cup of the mixture every eight hours if one is handling someone sick with the illness.

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