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Horto's Lake

Horto's Lake is the biggest freshwater reservoir in Tal'Lyra and lays at the foot of the Endless Mountains. More than one dwarven aqueduct transports water from here to countless lyrian cities.


Dwarven legends tell the tale of Horto and the formation of the Lake. Most likely there are many underwater freshwater sources that feed into the basin in addition to a few smaller rivers who empty into the lake.

Flora & Fauna

The lake has it's own ecosystem containing many unique plants and animals. Many types of fish live there, though the most famous ones are Horto's Salmon , which are a stable in dwarven cuisine, and the Silver Naffer , a dangerous flesh eating monster. A well known lake plant is the under water weed Healing Gansh , which is sought after by both human healers and dwarven druids. Another phenome of Horto's lake is the ever warm Glowing Vox , which only grows at the deepest parts of the lake and is harvested by a few brave dwarven deep divers.


Horto's Shrine

The dwarves built a small temple on the shores of the lake, where priests worship the water god. It is built out of a rare kind of blue stone, only found in the deepest mines.

The Floating Town

A few centuries ago Merlon hired the best engineers of both races with the task of building a habitable structure amid the waves of the lake. The few small wooden platforms are home to nearly 200 divers and harvesters, who collect the magic underwater plants.

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