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The 143 years old dwarven druid Derwia was born in a small village, called Isgruva, near Merlon's Keep. Growing up high up in the mountains, she learned at a young age to use the force of nature to control the fire. 
Being only 17 winters old, she left her home to find a druid, who would be willing to help her train her powers. While many druids take on the task of teaching, only a handful of them have mastered the rituals of fire. After a long journey through the mountains, she finally found an old hermit, who lived on the northern end of the Endless Mountains on the shore of the Mirror Ocean. Soon he agreed to teach and train her and over the time span of more than thirty years, she became a master of her art. Only after her teacher died of old age, she left for home.
After arriving in her village, Derwia shortly started to help her people. Bringing light to the darkest nights and warmth to the coldest winters, she soon was named the elder of Isgruva. In the year 1331 of the age of growth, she set out to participate in the night of fire of The Annual Fair of Eastport, and so she left the village for the first time in nearly a hundred years, after protecting it for most of her life.

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