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The Annual Fair of Eastport

Every year, during the first days of Lovia's Dusk, the city of Eastport celebrates the end of summer and thank Cyroc for the plentiful harvest. Travelling artists, merchants and other artists come from all over the continent to the northern town to show their talents and to sell their goods. A sacrifice to Cyroc, organized by his priests, is held on the last day of the event.

History of the Fair

The locals of Eastport started over a thousand years ago, during the first century of the current age, to thank their god for the peace, the rich harvests and the growing wealth of the town. Soon the first travelers were attracted to the festivities and the fair began to flourish. While it started as an one day event, the authorities quickly recognized the potential and expanded the celebrations to last the first four days of autumn. And still nearly a thousand years later, the Fair of Eastport is still attracting humans and dwarves alike from all over Tal'Lyra.

Famous Attractions

Lovia's Joust

For over a hundred years now, the Fair is started off with Lovia's Joust outside the southern city walls. In the one-day tournament, combatants from all over Tal'Lyra face off against each other to win the title of Lovia's champion for the year and the gods favor. The fighters need to bring their own weapons and horses while submitting to the strict rules of the organizers. To enter, one is required to pay a fee of 150 gold coins to be one of the chosen 64 knights to get the chance to compete. The contestants clash in four similar courts, watched by the masses from many grandstands, against random opponents. While the winners move on to the next round, the loosers are often carted of to the medic tents. Ultimately two of the fiercest warriors of the continent face each other in the last light of the day. Lovia's champion wins 1300 gold coins, a sturdy war horse, the right to introduce the next joust and life long fame.

The Lion's Feast

In the first night of the Fair, the Metrul family, the owners of The Lion's Pride hold a feast on Cyroc's Court in the middle of Eastport. Many of the famous food and beverages of the establishment are sold for a low price and many rounds are given away for free, accompanied by live music. Every year, an lion is shipped from Cairn to the eastern town for the spectacle. Trained artists perform tricks with the wild animal, sparking fear and enjoyment in the attendees. Sponsored by the Lion's Pride and the high priest, the feast is an opportunity for the poorer population to enjoy the riches of the upper class.

Flashback through the year

On the afternoon of the second day, the artists of the theater of illusions perform a flashback show on Cyroc's Court. For approximately two hours, all important events of the last year are displayed. While the more tragic events are represented seriously, most of the show is comedic and makes fun of everyone, even the holy priests of Cyroc. For many of the locals, the flashback show gives a chance to reflect on the past year and to prepare for the coming hardships of winter.

Parade of the Eagles

In the evening, after the flashback through the year, the guards of Eastport parade from the Eagles Watchtower to Cyroc's Court through the town, showing of their force and vigor. On the one side, it is supposed to show the visitors from all over Tal'Lyra, that the town still stands strong. On the other side, it is an opportunity for the local population to express their gratitude to the guards, who protect them day and night. The parade ends with the captain of the guards laying down his sword in front of the high priest, swearing his loyalty to the ruler of Eastport.

The Brawl

During the third day of the fair, the brawl is held outside the southern city walls. In a big, round arena fifty contestants are pitted against each other, armed with only a sword and a bow. Stronger weapons are accessible in the middle of the arena to ensure brawling to happen. Whoever survives for ten minutes and is still in fighting condition, moves onto the next round, and needs to fight against other winners. Since everyone can sing up for a small fee of ten gold coins, many of these rounds are held during the day, until only fifty fighters are left. For the last brawl, the time limit is lifted, instead the brawl last until only one last warrior is standing. He wins a hefty price of five hundred gold coins and the title "Strongest of Eastport". 

Night of Fire

The night of fire is organized and engineered by the lyrian embassy and held in the park of solitude during the third night of the fair. Dwarven druids, who master the art of fire perform their rituals to light up the night sky of Eastport. In addition to that, dwarven fireworks are used to amaze the viewers. While some of the spells are older than the fair itself, each night of fire brings new spectacle. The fiery night stands for the friendship between the humans and dwarves and symbolizes the ever-growing bond between the two races.

Sacrifice to Cyroc

Concluding the annual fair of Eastport on the evening of it's fourth day, a ceremony in the name of Cyroc is held in the middle of town, on Cyroc's Court. During the ceremony, the god is thanked for the wisdom and knowledge he gave to the town's people. Also, everyone is reminded to honor Cyroc, to always strive for more knowledge and to obey the priests of the god. To the feet of the statue of Cyroc in the middle of the plaza, a sacrifice is made. A great fire is lit, and all the gathered objects and animals are burned. Afterwards, all of the priests swear one by one their loyalty to their god and the population of Eastport. Old stories tell of appearances of Cyroc during the event, bestowing his blessing onto the town.

Other Activities

Besides the main attractions of the fair, many other activities can be pursued during the event. Small performances and shows from travelling entertainers can be enjoyed all over the town. Many traders and local artisans sell their products and imports on the streets of Eastport. Farmes, Vineyards and Breweries sell food and drinks to the by-passers. Little tournaments are held everywhere, from shooting arrows to singing.

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