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The Lion's Pride

The Lion's Pride is one of the oldest and most famous establishments in all of Tal'Lyra. While the tavern is known for its rich history, legendary music and delicious foods and beverages, the hotel attracts customers with glamours rooms, a big sauna and paid, beautiful company. Being located in Eastport, the town of Cyroc, the restaurant sells both exotic and local dishes, some of the best wines of the continent, dwarven beer and mead and last but not least spirits from Cairn. Its the venue of choice for both the rich residents of the town, looking to enjoy an evening of bliss, and tourists from all over the continent, counting on experiencing an magical evening out of the stories on their own.

The History

The establishment boasts itself with being the oldest surviving human tavern in all of Tal'Lyra, being only younger some dwarven pubs in Merlon's Keep.
It is believed to first have been built by some of the first settlers of Eastport, the ancestors of the family Metrul, who are still the owners of the Lion's Pride. Since only the wine cellars survived the dwarven attacks during the long war, the enormous stone building was constructed after the fighting had ended and was, since then, expanded to make room for all the services the tavern offers today.
It gained most its fame in the last few centuries, when the first tourists started flowing into the town. Starting with only offering the best of the local dishes and drinks, the owners soon realized the potential of their pub. Beginning with live music during dinner time and comfortable rooms for rent, the establishment diversified their palette more and more over the years.

The Situation Today

From the outside the tavern looks more like the palace of a patrician, being decorated with bright colors and golden statutes. On the inside magical rooms await the guests, designend by some of the best knows architects and built by both human and dwarven artisans. All of it is guarded by its own well armed and well trained security.

The Pub

While this big room is called the Pub, is has little similarity with a normal bar. Tables, both small and big, made out of whole black oak, surrounded by chairs covered in pelt, fill up most of the dim lighted room. After walking in, the first thing a customers sees, is a long bar counter on the other side of the room, built out of old barrels of the most famous wines and ales. On the left side of the room, live music is played on top of an elevated stage. In Front of the platform, space to dance is offered.
Here, some of the most exquisit alcoholic beverages are sold. Wines from the offshoots of the Endless Mountains, Spirit of all kinds from Cairn and even from the old continents and beer and mead from the famous dwarven cellars are all offered here. The most daring customers can even buy exotic drugs here, as long as they are consumed in the walls of the Lion's Pride.

The Restaurant

As the place for high dining in Eastport, if not all of Tal'Lyra, the restaurant of the Lion's Pride is famous for it's various local and exotic dishes. The well-lit main room offers birch tables in different sizes, fast service, beautiful decorations and paintings of lions. A few small lodges, if one prefers seclusion, and a big private assembly room can be rented for the right price.
The big kitchen employs many cooks and a few chefs from around the continent, who try to best their colleagues every night. While the restaurant provides a stable card consisting of many different foods all year around, they also prepare some seasonal or special dishes every night.

The Hotel

Consisting of 60 rooms in different sizes, from a small one bedroom to a suite with an own bath, the hotel provides shelter to only the richest tourists. It prides itself with fast room service, where you can order most things from the bar's and restaurant's menu, and also with the most comfortable mattresses known to mankind.
It also offers a sauna in the morning and evening hours, a library filled with all kinds of fiction and fantasy books and big marble bath- and washing-rooms to its guests. In addition to that, visitors can order both male and female company in all colors and shapes for the night.

Other Parts and Services

On the foothills of the Endless Mountains, the establishment owns a big farm and vineyard. There most of the used local produce, like vegetables and animals, is grown and cared for. Furthermore the grapes for the now famous Metrul red wine are grown here.
Besides that, the family owns a few stable buildings outside the town, where the horses and other riding animals of visitors are cared for. Additionally the Lion's Pride offers a postal services with delivery to the whole continent, which is also managed from here
On top of that, a docking place in the harbor and two trading ships are part of the estate. With that, most of the exotic fruits, animals, vegetables and beverages are imported into the town. Recently the ships also started to transport visitors from far away, who are willing to pay for the extra comfort on their voyage.

Metrul Family

As the long time owners of the Lion's Pride, the Metrul Family is believed to be the richest family in Eastport. They hold much influence in the town, both in politics and culture. While they obviously hold no seat on the council of Cyroc, the high priest and other members are often seen dining in the Lion's Pride and, like other famous and well paying customers, are often greeted by a member of the family.
The head of the family Tion Metrul is an ambitious 43 year old man, who started to invest much of the families money into local business and new ventures. While he appears to be a kind, quiet and inconspicuous man, from some even described as shy, it is said, that he is cunning and smart, striking favorable deals with both the politicians and other businessmen.
No one knows exactly how much of the cities territory they own, but some voices appear, claiming that they are growing to powerful. As of late, the building of a new farm near the city, to start the cultivation of hops and brewing of beer, started in the name of the family. Furthermore the reinforcement of their other out-of-town possessions begun with watchtowers and small barracks, to protect them from attacks of monsters and other unwanted enemies.

Conflict with the Law

A few of the practices and services of the Lion's Pride, like prostitution, selling of drugs and their own guard, are officially forbidden in the town of Eastport. But with extra taxes, old family rights and both eyes closed by law enforcement, they can continue with their ways. For example, the Metruls pay an under-the-hand tax on their sold drugs and must guarantee that no drugs are consumed outside the tavern.

The Menu

The Lions Pride's Beverages & Drugs

OakbeerMerlon's Keep12g
Horto's StoutHorto's Lake8g
Cold AleReach's End13g
Cherry MaltMerlon's Keep15g
Elder's SourThe Order's Watch11g
Port's TreasureEastport7g
Amber's GoldRashor15g
Apple MeadEastport13g
Long FlowerMerlon's Keep17g
Black BerriesMerlon's Keep21g
Merlon's RedMerlon's Keep16g
Straws WhiteEastport22g
Sweet DreamRashor20g
Dragon's RumCairn34g
Salted AshCairn37g
Lavender GinThe Order's Watch29g
Lemon WhiskeyEastport32g
The Dwarf's DeathMerlon's Keep42g
Lion's RumCairn47g
Nicotin-containing Drugs
Dragon's CigarCairn17g
BeardpipeMerlon's Keep35g
South ChewingThe Orders Watch12g
Dwarven WaterMerlon's Keep65g
Eastern CeleanCairn73g
Other Drugs
Smoking BlissCairn54g
Drop of HortoHorto's Lake87g
Music's BloodCairn78g

The Lions Pride's Cuisine

CheesetourA few samples of some of the most notorious cheeses paired with fresh bread and some exotic nuts49g
SeasaladThinly sliced raw Salmon served on a bed of algae and fresh salad65g
TuzsoupThe famous dwarven soup with mountain potatoes, Woolox leg meat and flowers57g
EntosMixture of small fish, vegetables and cow wrapped in batter boiled in hot green oil56g
WintergrillCow, Woolox and Sheep grilled together with Frostweed69g
Glowing SwordfishGrilled Swordfish served with Glowing Vox and a sweet honey sauce67g
BluegulSoup with blue mushrooms, molten cheese and roasted violet onions53g
MountainsaladWarm salad with mountain vegetables, roasted asparagus and an earthy dressing54g
Spicy EastDifferent roasted meats, tomatoes and desert-wheat with an spicy dressing61g
Creamplatedifferent dips made out of potatoes, frostweed, beans and chilies served with grilled garlic bread60g
Octopus three WaysOctopus fried in oil, roasted on stone and raw with an herb-vinaigrette70g
Main courses
VoilusDough filled with bacon, fresh tomatoes and milky cheese cooked and roasted69g
FroststeakSteak with different colored potatoes and a frostweed sauce99g
PiwabreadFresh bread cut in slices topped and baked with red asparagus and six months matured cheese73g
BirdviewGrilled chicken wing, baked turkey breast and a whole roasted, filled dove with different marinades and vegetables91g
Two sides of the ReachWild boar steak and grilled cod served with asparagus, carrots and roasted peppers105g
CairnlambSpicy lamb on the bone with a desert-wheat puree and and a mushroom sauce95g
Fiery PotPot with hot oil together with different meats, vegetables and sauces120g
Malted StewHearty Stew with pork heart, woolox tongue and mountain potatoes made with cherry malt81g
Lemon DuckGrilled duck breast with grilled oranges and apples served with a lemon whiskey sauce94g
Dragon ConlusCooked hearts of wheat-dough served with a sauce of fresh tomatoes, melted blue cheese and dragon's rum91g
Horto's DreamGrilled Horto's salmon together with cooked beets, grilled onions, spinach and a sauce made with Merlon's red98g
Inside a ClamMussels with different roasted mushrooms, a red asparagus dip and fresh bread89g
Living the LiverGrilled Liver from the veal, pig and lamb paired with mashed violet potatoes and an ale sauce107g
Dark VealRoasted Veal on the bone served with red potato dumplings and a dark chocolate sauce150g
RainbowStrawberries, oranges, lemons, green apples, elderberries and plums served with a sweet and salty whiskey sauce47g
SnowcakeA white cake with frostweed, cream cheese and the rare white apples of the Endless Mountains65g
Sweet SeaThe uncommon sweat cod with algae and an apple honey sauce56g
PossibilitiesRed apples, blueberries, green melon, fried coconut and clementines paired with dips out of honey, blue mushrooms, elders sour and sweet potato53g
Sweets of the EastSix different kinds of chocolate(light, dark, extra dark, filled with raspberries, topped with lemon, milk ice) paired with fresh berries75g
The Last BiteFrozen fruits with apple mead milk ice and a hot lime sauce83g

The Lions Pride's Rooms

All prices are per night and include the breakfast of the day. Every room has at least one window and can be locked from the inside. Booking a room grants access to the sauna and the library. For the prices of male or female company, please ask one of ours employees.

Traveller's SingleA small, rural room with a comfortable, single bed and access to the floor's bathroom with warm water in the morning and evening67g
Pilgrim's DoubleA small, rustic room with an oversized, double bed and access to the floor's bathroom with warm water in the morning and evening99g
Lord's SingleA big, nicely decorated room with an oversized, single bed and access to an individual bathroom with warm water twice a day to your wishes170g
Baron's DoubleA big, beautiful room with an oversized, double bed and access to an individual bathroom with warm water twice a day to your wishes205g
The King's SuiteA suite with a living room, a bedroom with an oversized double bed, access to an individual bathroom with warm water whenever it's needed and a balcony with a view over the town376g

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