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Merlon's Keep

Merlon's Keep is the biggest city in all of Tal'Lyra being known as a beautiful dwarven megalopolis under the Endless Mountains. It is the seat of the immortal king Merlon and with that the political and the trading center of the lyrian empire. It is protected by the mountain walls and a big army of guards equipped with the best dwarven weapons, who protect the over 2 million inhabitants. It also has a small human village made out of craftsmen and diplomats, who were welcomed by Merlon after the long war. It's being fed by countless tons of important meat, wheat and water brought by an giant aqueduct from Horto's Lake.

Important Locations

The citadel


The golden market


The wool market


The church of Erlo


The perfect dwarf


The human village


The hall of festivals


The square of temples


The Archives


The lyrian fighting academy


The giant aqueduct


The eternal forge


The stone cycle


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