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Endless Mountains

The Endless Mountains are the big mountain range in the north of Tal'Lyra, the home of the dwarves, who believe that Erlo himself created them, along with the rest of the world. Some of it's mountains are so tall, they peak through the clouds. The lyrians still mine through and under the mountains to get gold and other precious minerals.

Important Locations

Merlon's Keep 

Merlon's Keep is the most important and the largest dwarven city in existence which is named after the lyrian king Merlon. It is home to over 2 million dwarves and has temples of all the gods, a small human village, a enormous underground citadel, the biggest market ever seen and a beautiful, tall glass statue of the perfect dwarf.

Horto's Lake 

Horto's Lake is located at the foot of the mountains and feeds on many small rivers ending there while providing water to most of the lyrian empire. TBC

Flora and Fauna

Some unique animals of the Endless Mountains are the Lyreagle, a dangerous bird, and the Woolox, a threatening mammal. A few distinctive plants home there are the Green Oak, a tall tree with green wood, the Frostweed, an icy plant growing only in winter, and the Golden Flower, a beautiful blossom.

The Legend

There is a lyrian tale about a magnificent beast living under the mountain, who's awakening will begin the decline of the dwarves of Tal'Lyra. Some miners, though a minority, live in great fear of waking up and refuse to dig to deep into the earth.
Mountain Range

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