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The Amborus (also known as ravblomst janv) is a small reddish-brown flower growing in the The Amber Plains. It is mostly sought after by druids, smiths and potions maker for it's fiery and enhancing properties. Since the plant is difficult to harvest, only a small group of spezialized farmers, the Amborus Reapers, sell it to traders all over Tal'Lyra.


The Amborus is a perennial, herbaceous plant native to the amber plains. It has usually between ten to twenty green leaves, which are generally up to 80 cm long. Once a month, usually around the time of the full moon, a flower blooms withing the leaves. The blossom has a reddish-brown color and shines in the light of the moon. The plant grows for the nine months between Xantar's Dawn and Cyroc's Dusk. During winter the leaves die and the roots lie dormant under the snow.
Usually the seeds are carried by the wind and grow new plants in the next year, wherever they've landed. While they can be replanted, a amborus will only grow out of it, if it is planted in the soil of the amber plains. 
Because of its fiery taste, animals stay clear of it. Humans can consume the plant, but since it's non nutritious, it is usually not used in cooking. For dwarves the weed is mildly toxic and causes vomiting and abdominal cramps.


Potions makers

Skilled Potions maker can use the seeds of the flower to manufacture a dry powder which than can be used to craft different potions. 
  • Fire potion: Exploding potions can be produced with the seeds of the amborus. Usually used by miners and builders they are sold in all big cities. Also most military keep a stock of these potions around for times of war. If consumed the potion is toxic.
  • Strength potion: Some potion makers are also able to manufacture a strength enhancing potion with the seeds of amborus. These potion usually gift the drinker unnormal vigour for a few hours. Those potions are mostly used by fighters. For participants of brawls and the like the usage is forbidden.


Dwarven druids use dried seeds of the plant in some of their rituals, usually as one of many components.
  • Warmth rituals: Most druids in the small villages of the Endless Mountains perform warming rituals during the cold winter months to protect their people. The Amborus can be used as main ingredient in those.
  • Sun rituals: During summer, some druids perform rituals to clear the cloudy skies and to expose the hidden sun. For those rites the dried seeds of the amborus are essential
  • Blessing of fire: To enhance fighters for battle, druids can performe blessing rituals. The Blessing of fire magnifies the endurance of the target and lessens pain for a few days.


Some of the most skilled smiths can enhance weapons and armors during the crafting process with the fresh seeds of the amborus.
  • Flaming weapons: If the fresh seeds are mixed with the used metal during a specific, secret step of forging weapons, the manufactured weapon now deals extra fire damage. Usually these weapons can be ignited by the wearer in battle, but some of the most powerful arms are always on fire.
  • Enhanced armor: Shields and body armor enhanced with the paste of fresh amborus seeds gains magical strength. It is harder to destroy and gifts extra armor class to the wearer.

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